Suicide Survivor Loss Recognition Day

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It has been over a year and a half since my brother Justin took his life.

He, sadly, was a victim in the epidemic.

He was a kind, loving and suffering young man.  He had PTSD and was searching for a purpose in his life.  He had jumped through the hoops of inpatient care, trying to find a good therapist, finding the right job and the right path for him.

He was smart! He graduated from a Catholic College with Honors.  He had traveled a bit and was quick to learn new things.

He slipped through the cracks.  He is my half brother and was born the same year as my daughter.  He was brought up as an only child.  A child that had Asperger like traits, but there was no word for that then.  They drugged him as a child and that set up a fall in his young adulthood.  He was a lover of military history and wanted to join the armed forces, to Serve and Protect.  But that was not an option, as his childhood history of medications would not allow that.

He never found his purpose, his place.   He felt the weight of the World.  He was confused by the horrible way humans treat each other and the world.   He could not bear the pain any longer.

Those of us left behind from someone who has completed suicide are left with a whole in our hearts.

From my Spiritual perspective I must honor their choice.  I cannot carry anger towards them.  It is their life, their choice.   I also know some are staying around to help from the other side of the veil.  I can picture my brother as I drive to my many responsibilities riding along side of me.  The car I drive now was my Father’s then my brother’s, now mine.  I take my daughter to visit her family, officiated a wedding, traveled to East Coast Thing…..all the things I am called to do, I am blessed to be able to do.  For that I am ever so grateful, and saddened.

Justin, I miss you, and am so sorry that your life was not as you wished.   I love you and miss you.

Hail Justin James Gorham!

Waking Dreams….

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A place in the woods, a large hall, smaller building for sleeping, modern setting.

Sitting in small apartment, lazy boy chairs and cob webs…

Myself and a few friends discussing the Runes and the upcoming event

We were in the hall reserved for those putting on the event


I went through the halls, meeting and greeting.  Some had gifts of Runes, some gifts of other objects,

A copper branch with quartz crystal leaves

I went into trance, over come by a deep pull to the OtherSide….the Procession was beginning….

The torches were lined up, and a young woman was holding my box full of the gifts I had been given,

As I lie there, I realize I do not want to be left behind, and I pull myself to this side so I may stand again.

I pull my cloak off from me, which I have been covered with, and steady myself on my feet.

I walk to the spot in the procession and ask to carry the box of gifts….Runes

She hands me the box and steps then to just behind me on my left side.

We begin…..all I see at first is my feet, one step at a time, steadying myself still.  Step, step, step

We enter into the Hall, which is full of small fires throughout.  It is then that I lift my eyes to see…..

My sight is fettered from the lace which covers the Volva’s eyes…..

I hold the Wooden Box above my head, so all can see…..I can feel the power flowing down my arms

The Torches lead the way…..I see many eyes upon me, eyes I know and eyes I did not know.

When we had gone around the fire three times, I then lowered the box, a young man called me to him

He had a gift for me, a copper and quartz leaf he had made, I open the box and place it within.

I now remove my veil and can see all of the eyes, eyes filled with tears, including mine.


The “village’ was now full as I exited the hall and stepped outside, the night had fallen and only a soft gray light on the horizon silhouetted the trees.

I started walking through the tents and fires, I noticed something on the ground, it was a light, a deep hole had been dug and a Woman was standing in that hold.  A small flame made the pit glow with a heavenly light

Over each hole was a glimmering net…..This was an act of Devotion, to stand the night in the hole in Communion.

I stepped over one, then another, then there was a whole dozen or so next to each other, in my stepping I almost fell

But, someone caught my arm.  He was a stury man, though not overly tall.  His top hat was a kilter on his head, his hands were gloved and his jacket a bit dusty.  A vest and ruffled light shirt made up the rest of his wear, along with a scarf draped around his neck. A mustach and beard his most of his face and his eyes….well; they were reflected in the mirrored goggles worn around his neck….his eyes….I could never quite see them.

His strong arm gave me a firm support onto which to lean.  We continued walking through the village, my arm firmly on his, he standing half a step back to my left, my support and guide through the wildness of the celebrants, fires and holes with Sacred Women in them.

I never saw his eyes…….




Ragnarok Comes

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Another beautiful, powerful piece of art from

Mr. Mainer.

via Ragnarok Comes

Wise Women

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This article brought me to tears……

Beserkers and PTSD

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An interesting article and psychological look at Berserkers.

As a modern practitioner, I can relate to a few of these points, though I have learned to use my “powers”, for healing as well as destruction.  PTSD does place a role from my personal experience and experience with others who called themselves  Berserkers.

Hail Sigyn!

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I came across this great article, She holds a large part of my heart…….

Sigyn: Lady of Oblation and Victory

Hail Our Lady of Victories!

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They gathered from near and far

A call was made to come to Honor the Lady of Victories,

Our Lady of Portland!

A Shrine in the City

Witches come

Honor the Goddesses

Honor the Feminine Divine!!!!!!

We stand in Circle at Her feet

We put our gaze upon Her

Her bronze body, glinting in the headlights of passing cars

At her base, green lush grass

The radiant arms of granite shoot out into the void

We Womyn Gather

In a Circle

Gathered Round

We put out Love

Into this Ground!