Welcome Spring

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It was the first warm evening of Spring

The Old Port filled with couples laughing, strolling

All the lovely people…..in groups of four and five lolly gagging their way over the cobble stone streets, women’s laughter, dudes drunkenly hooting

My destination….dinner with a dear friend at a lovely restaurant here in Portland.

As I winded my way through the cobble streets, ghosts of the past around every corner….

Lovers long missed, friends long gone……

Songs about rainbows

Dark energies



Embrace my Darkness

Being Seen

Welcome Spring



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I found myself in a Town Center, Gray ME

The roads were slick and wet, in the air was hanging a mist

Hard to see through the damp, stagnant air.

People fleeing in terror, “the monster” a woman screamed as she ran past me

I looked down, to see I was dressed all in white, a white skirt and flowing top

The handle for the sword was gold and curled into the air like a snake

I saw a few men run past me, and head down the road where the “monster” was last seen……

Then, a woman came running from that same road, ‘they are all dead”,

Another group had gone to kill the monster and had failed

We were greiving the dead.

My body became enflamed with passion, I looked to the sword in my hand

“Iguess it is up to me”,

I took a deep breath and charged down the road to find the beast

The beast met me…..he was battered and limbs missing

His fierceness and terror was strong

I made a run at time, and slashed his throat,

He fell to the ground, his ugliness writing

He lay dying

The people cheering, calling me a hero

I did not feel a hero, I was only the one to strike the last blow

Without all the others who had sacrificed their lives before me

I too would have failed

It took many to slay the monster…..

Women, Food, Witches

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The Ninth….

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Each January 9th I devote to Odin the 9th day of the year…..

This year it fell on Wednesday, so I had the Rite planned for a couple weeks.  I didn’t know exactly how it was going to go, but I knew it would be a powerful day for me, and I was not disappointed.

It was also a Snow Day here at the Temple.  There was about 4 inches of snow when I awoke.  A perfect day for a day in the Temple in meditation, work and Ritual.

First I honored Frigga. As a HomeMaker, keeping the Temple organized and clean allows me to do more of the spiritual and emotional work needed for such Rites. The morning was spent clearing and organizing the food stores. Then moved onto the craft items and lining up the next few craft projects. Then onto the bedroom, furniture rearranged, clothes hung and cared for and new lights hung on the wall.

I hosted a Sumbel here at the temple on Monday evening, so there was also clean up after that event.  Clearing Cleaning and Crafting…

The Old Man appreciates my sensual nature, and I His, we are not shocked at this…; )

Dancing, singing and yoga were all on the menu, as well as a long, hot, luxurious bath.

The thing I find about Holy days is to leave energetic space for anything that can happen, and to not fine tune too much what you want to do on these days.   Whatever your Holy Day is, remaining open for Communication from the Gods and the Ancestors are crucial.

I was blessed with a surprise phone call from a dear friend and lover.  It had been a long while since we had talked, I felt his call a physical manifestation of Odin making himself known to me.

After an intense and sensual evening, I crawled into my freshly made bed a happy and fulfilled Odin’s Woman…..

A Dark and Stormy Yule

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The rain pounds upon the pane

My Heart pounds, my flesh warm

Eyes flood with tears

Heart flutters

Blood boils

A long dark night begins





Blessed Yule!

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Short Days

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Long Dark Nights…..

Mani keeping a close eye on me

Twinkling stars say hello

Wrapped in nostalgia

Sadness for Family lost

Joy for friends found

Spiral in…..

Keep going….