Facing the Abyss

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Another great post by Mainer……

This touched my heart deeply….

In Honor of Sigyn

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“She Endures”  

By J.M. Gorham





Salty Tears

Venom Burns

Sweat Beads

Waves Ripple 

Lady of Devotion

Lady of Sacrifice

Catching Venom





Her arms shake

His eyes meet Hers

Love washes through Her

 Devotion fortified 

Her muscles Stiffen

Strength flows through Her

Once again, His Hero


Her flesh burns

Venom biting

Her pain turns into Love






She Remains

Repost 6/15

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Some become abusive with Power

yes, we do.   I have been on the receiving side of that abuse.

As well as  on the giving side.

One of my worst fears in life, is to be the one doing the abuse. I have had rage issues in my past.  I have even blacked out from anger more than once in my life.   I am sure if we did a check for that “anger” gene, I would have it.

But, I am a woman.  Women handle things differently.  We are calculating, intuitive, manipulative and subversive.  I am also an Alpha Female, here to Protect, Guard and Teach the Tribal Pups, to assist in them becoming  young Women and Men.

Well, okay maybe that is just me….but I think not.   We have these qualities to over ride the Man’s qaulity of physical strength.  They can force us physically to do what they want, in General.   So Women, have evolved countering qualities.  This is not a Wicked thing, it is a biological thing.  So….as Women, it is our responsibility to know our actions and our mind.   To over ride the animal in us to achieve the higher consciousness that is needed in a lasting, stable. Community.  I am speaking as a Neo Tribalist.   I chose to be PolyAmorous for many reasons, and one is to over ride biology, own my mind and my body.  Make choices that are best for the Tribe, not just me.

Magician Know Theyself.

Don’t be fooled again….

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Pandemic 2020

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No  that is not a title of a science fiction story, that is the day today.

Three weeks in isolation.

I am Healthy, physically that is.

I am sitting in my little Temple, blue sky peeking out from April clouds…. Trees just beginning to bud and the Spring showers feeding the May flowers…

My Solitude has prepared me for my Solitude~Janine Marie

The Nights however, are long and Dark…

Meeting Goths on Zoom for Darkness and Dancing

He whispers…”but I am here, no, no your not.”

7 Years Gone By…….

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From last we laid in each other’s arms in Maine,

upon the bosom of Her gateway to the White Mountains

the warmth of her granite hearth.

7 Years Gone By…..

Since I slept in arms of my Love,

Holding one another, the pine scent, the birch trees, the rushing waters of Maine…..

I ache again to roll in the spinning waters

To ride the waves of the Saco as the leaps over rocks and lingers in quiet pools

That the Atlantic wafted around us as we hold each other tighter and deeper

gasping breath, the fog rolling in onto the shore

The scent of your musk, the salt air upon my tongue….

Standing for Religious Freedom!

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Religious Privilege and Violence

Standing for Religious Freedom!!!

Freedom to worship, freedom from violence!

Returning Light

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As I sit here early on a Sunday morning, watching the plow truck clean our driveway……

I am watching the sunrise….

Through the long dark nights, I have gotten up early, before the Sun in order to watch Her rise. The days are cold and short and my heart needs all of the light of Her warmth and Light that I can gather!

The days have grown a bit noticeably longer, it is no longer dark at 5 pm, it is now a twilight time.   Even though the past few days have been a bitter cold, with wind chills below zero, the light of Her rays have made it more bearable.

Returning also, my sense of purpose and hope.

I taught an introductory class on the Elder Futhark last Saturday.  Twenty people ventured out to learn and grow! That particular day it was in the 50’s, on Saturday in January in Maine, so I do owe the warm and sunny day a big thank you, for that surely contributed to such a great turnout for that event.   A gift for a gift.

The other night was the MidWinter’s Masquerade Ball, Magick, Dancing and Wandering in Portland, Maine.  On a bitterly cold night, a dear friend and I wandered over to the basement to witness all the beasts and beauties coming out of the woodwork……

I am grateful for the returning Light!  May She grant me strength and inspiration!

Hail Sunna!

Night Ecstasy….

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Lost in a nighttime Vision…..

It was a large room, many beautiful tapestries were hanging, the walls made of alabaster, long arched  openings all around.  I stood at the top floor of a tall building. Out the window I could see other buildings and then the Sea….

The wind blowing softly through the grand room, separated by flowing linens, the scent of wild roses and incense linger in the air.

The floors were soft and warm with scattered rugs, their bright reds and golds crushed between my toes.  Under the rugs were gold glinted tiles, catching the moonlight

Soft linen sheets covered the beds on the floors, half walls separated some, with saffron colored linen and white linen hanging from anchors in the ceiling.  The vaulted ceiling  covered with art to please the senses.

There were others in this large room, dressed in rich colors and the clothing of Warriors.  Two silk draped women were bringing wine and a tray of fruits and nuts to a small group in the corner.

I lead us to a bed in the back corner, the cool, clear air swirling around us.  My flesh covered in goosebumps, my nipples hardening from the cool air and the anticipation of what lie ahead…..

His musky scent making me a bit heady as we sat upon the bed among the soft and clean sheets, pillows and coverings.  I reach over to remove his outer layer, his breath upon my flesh as I reach past his chin to pull of his outer garb.  He grabs my arm and pulls me close to his body, his flesh on his arms touching mine, chest to chest, I feel his heart beat, pounding against his chest.


December, Month of Runes

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Ansuz: on Wednesday…..

Many years ago while in the Crystal Palace Forest in London https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystal_Palace%2C_London

Gebo: My new bedframe arrived. A Gift for a Gift


I have worked my way through the Runes in the Month of December for 9 years.

This year was no exception.   I also created a new set of staves while I did this.   My older set went missing in September, they were my first set.  I was sad to see them go, but apparently it was time.

As I ready for a class I am teaching next week on the Elder Futhark, I have gained, once again, a deeper relationship with the  Elder Futhark.   I also have grown to know my Coyote teeth Runes…..they are so powerful, and beautiful!  They were a gift from Raz, many years ago, but I was not ready to use them until recently.

I have a few Runes tattooed on my body, as well as one that is repeteadly cut upon my flesh….as it was given to me by Odin in a forest in England, while he watched me from behind a tree.

I use the Runes for many things, and am excited to teach more people how to utilize them for Healing, Spell work and Divination.