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There is a creative process in process, my apologies for annoyance factor!

This may go on a while….so you have been warned.

Small fire, lots of tinder…..


My Heathen Faith

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As a Heathen, I find there are parts of my Faith that is just so ignorant.   Mind I don’t  run into these people one on one all of the time, but when a large group of people who follow the same gods I do, are so ignorant, I am deeply saddened.

I know that there is such a large void in our culture for Men to learn how to be Men.  So many gravitate towards the Northern Gods to grasp onto sometime of ideal Manhood.   But it is not that easy.  Being a man is more than being a warrior.  It is more than being the “strongest”, the “bravest”.  Being a Man is looking out for the next generation. Being a Man means living with Honour and Integrity.  Being a Man means not only defending women, but being conscious of them and keeping them safe, mostly from other men.   Being…

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A gift…..

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I went to the local SCA event.  Of course it is always on the hottest weekend here in Maine…

I knew that I would find my new hammer there, before I left.   Just like I knew I would find my Valknut two Summers ago.There was a metal smith there, and I stopped to watch him work.   Then I saw it them, three small hammers.  “How much for the hammer?”  “The Thor’s hammer”, he replied, ” five dollars”.   “Oh, well this one is mine”.

I asked his name, “Grey Wolf”, of course it was…. I asked to shake his hand, he stuck out his blackened strong hand, “a bit dirty”, he said.   “No matter”, a firm grip he had, of course.   I retrieved some water for  in his horn, and chatted for a bit.   He was telling me about Taranus, a thunder god. He is sometimes mentioned in conjunction with Esus…

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Thor’s Magical Items

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One of the most interesting workshops I attended at ECT was,”Thor’s ‘Other’ Tools, Presented by Austin “Auz” Lawrence  Thor is most associated with his ownership of Mjollnir, the mighty hammer.  Less familiar are the gifts he received from Grið; his belt Megingjörð, his staff Gríðarvölr, and his gloves Járngreipr.”

I knew Thor had a mighty belt, but I was unaware of his other magickal objects.   Auz told the tale as a true story teller should.  We were gripped by his voice, waiting with baited breath to hear the story unfold…….

I had never considered the “sourcerous”, aspects of Thor before.

Auz also performed a Rite to Honor Thor at the Thor Ves, before the Procession on the last day.   It was quite powerful and I was witness to how these objects maybe used in a Rite.

I was also fascinated by the “Witch” that gave…

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More on ECT

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Finding myself surrounded with other Heathens brings such a sense of peace and joy.

A big thank you goes out to the organizers and volunteers who make this event happen!

In a beautiful small camp, under the Milky Way and stars, standing round a fire I find HOME.

There were many workshops at ECT, of course we have great presenters, informative, wise and entertaining.  But for me the most moving and memorable part was the Gods. There is a field that holds the Ve’s of the many Gods that are represented each year.  This year there were many Gods honored and a Ve for the Ancestors.   They are all so beautifully done, with an image of the God, many were carved of wood, place to leave offering and other decorations.   I visited them a few times during the week, including being part of a Frigg Rite at her…

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I spent the last week of August  at the East Coast Thing. The East Coast Thing is a gathering for Asatru/Heathen folks in Pennsylvania. This was my second year in attendance and I look forward to the third.   Here are a few reflections upon that gathering.

I found myself emotionally in such a difference space than I was in last year. I spent the past year on my own, after many years of living side by side with my former partner. I moved around quite a bit, five times to be exact, with many generous people making sure I had a roof over my head, and now this coming weekend, I am actually moving into a Home, my room will have walls!!!

So, going into this ECT was a much different head space than last year. I also have My Hero to thank for making sure I made it to…

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Thor’s Blot

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This past weekend I was invited by RKN to their Thor’s Blot.

It was a picture perfect Maine day, the sun shining, a bit of coolness on the breeze and clouds racing across the sky…

I have been to a handful of Blots with RKN and always am honored when I am invited.   It was a lovely ride through the woods of Maine to arrive there.  The ride itself was quite healing, and I had time to think.

Thor is the one who came and got me… was many years ago at a Pagan event that I discovered the Norse Gods.  I had, mind you, read a bit on the Gods and had a friend or two who was a practising Heathen, and I had been to a few things at Rites of Spring, but I was not a Heathen, not yet.   That particular Rites was a powerful one for…

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