The Mysteries of Oseberg

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Such a rich and treasure holding blog!

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TrothMoot 2019

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A Sunny morning on the West Coast….it had been an abnormally sunny and warm week, my first week on the West Coast.

Today, we were heading to the Puget Sound, to TrothMoot!

It was a ground breaking year…Loki would be welcome! It was the first Loki Blot after the “ban” was lifted. The first year Loki would have his/her/their own Blot and it was on the official schedule!

I ended up in a mad love affair with Loki many years ago. I was new to Heathenry and did not understand the complicated and intimate relationship that He and Odin had….but trust me, I found out!
Since that experience, I was very confused by this. I had alot of internal anxieties about working with Loki as well as not being accepted in most of the Modern Heathen events I had been to up to that time. It was alot of tears and just ignoring this relationship.
Until….at the East Coast Thing, the Summer of 2018, there was a Loki Blot that was held at his Ve’.

There were 50 people at Loki’s Blot! Many of us shared stories about finally feeling welcome, how Loki had changed their lives and some, like me, in tears speaking about finally we felt welcome and seen!

Another moving event for me this year was the installment of three Clergy members. There were three Clergy of the Troth being installed at this Moot.
As a Minister and someone who has been called to Clergy work since I was a child. Seeing this in my own chosen Faith Tradition brought me to tears!

As Mainers we live in a small world. We don’t have the numbers of people coming to, or going through our state to have a functioning volunteer organization. The Troth, is just that. An example of how organizations, grow, change, endour growing pains and yet can endure!

Fire, there was not fire at this event. It was on the schedule but never happened. I personally do alot of ministering around campfires so this left me a bit lost on Saturday. I had been needing to sit around a fire since before I left Maine and the energetic non release lef me lost and feeling out of sorts for most of the day on Saturday.
There was a posessionary event on Friday evening, this was a good event. Once again, I am not used to being indoors nor to be under florescent lights. I learned this work with the Somaferans and all our work was done outside around a campfire. So it was odd, but I stayed. I didn’t stay for me, but I stayed for my People here back home, who needed to hear this story and for me to witness and learn more!

I loved making coffee for my Kinspeople! A Wench in Service!

I volunteered for a couple of committees and look forward to my increased activity within the Troth! If you have considered joining, I support you in this, I have found kindred souls and good works in the Troth!
Hail the Troth!

I renewed many friendships and made a few new ones….
My Hostess (for my time in Seattle) EV drove us to the Moot! Thank you EV!
The trip was a life changing event for me!!!!

Sunday morning I put my toes into the Pacific Ocean!

Heading West

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A life long dream to go to Seattle and the other Portland is finally happening!

I am so thrilled to announce I will be making my West Coast Tour this month!

I am blessed to have a lovely friend in Seattle, that I will be staying with most of the time.

TrothMoot, I am thrilled to be able to make it to TrothMoot this year!  It will be my first since actually joining!

A train trip to the other Portland includes a night at the LoveCraft Goth Bar, museums, parks and Wanderings!

It has been a dream of mine since I was a child!

Stay tuned for this Witches Adventures!

The Birthing…..

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Of my Drum!!!

It was about nine months ago my friend gifted me with the bones and the flesh.

A red deer hide from England, the flesh

A Red Cedar rim from the Pacific Northwest, the bones.

I carried them with me.  To Rites of Spring, to East Coast Thing, on many adventures.

She sat in the Temple and watched the coming and goings of those I love and respect

Finally the time came.   A Full Moon in Spring time!

My friends had birthed drums before, so I had some experienced hands to guide me.

We sat down on a Saturday afternoon

A candle was lit, my sage was burned and a Rune was drawn….

The Rune was Ehwaz…..”journey”

Trance Port tation….that is why I was creating her

My heart felt full, I knew it was time.

I have been reluctant, knowing what it would mean

Leveling up.

I am ready now to embrace what is next

Welcome Spring

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It was the first warm evening of Spring

The Old Port filled with couples laughing, strolling

All the lovely people… groups of four and five lolly gagging their way over the cobble stone streets, women’s laughter, dudes drunkenly hooting

My destination….dinner with a dear friend at a lovely restaurant here in Portland.

As I winded my way through the cobble streets, ghosts of the past around every corner….

Lovers long missed, friends long gone……

Songs about rainbows

Dark energies



Embrace my Darkness

Being Seen

Welcome Spring


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I found myself in a Town Center, Gray ME

The roads were slick and wet, in the air was hanging a mist

Hard to see through the damp, stagnant air.

People fleeing in terror, “the monster” a woman screamed as she ran past me

I looked down, to see I was dressed all in white, a white skirt and flowing top

The handle for the sword was gold and curled into the air like a snake

I saw a few men run past me, and head down the road where the “monster” was last seen……

Then, a woman came running from that same road, ‘they are all dead”,

Another group had gone to kill the monster and had failed

We were greiving the dead.

My body became enflamed with passion, I looked to the sword in my hand

“Iguess it is up to me”,

I took a deep breath and charged down the road to find the beast

The beast met me…..he was battered and limbs missing

His fierceness and terror was strong

I made a run at time, and slashed his throat,

He fell to the ground, his ugliness writing

He lay dying

The people cheering, calling me a hero

I did not feel a hero, I was only the one to strike the last blow

Without all the others who had sacrificed their lives before me

I too would have failed

It took many to slay the monster…..

Women, Food, Witches

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