Is This Chaga? A Key For Identifying This Remarkable Fungus

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I just harvested some chaga….

Wild Foodism

isthischagannowildfoodismThis is a fairly common question I receive, usually accompanied by a picture similar to the one shown here.  It’s a good question indeed, and it’s one that I would like to explore beyond a simple “Yes” or “No” answer (spoiler alert:  the answer is “No”).

In my early mushrooming days, it was the chaga fungus that had me most excited (don’t get me wrong, I’m still bedazzled).  I remember exploring the hardwood forests near Pittsburgh (not exactly an ideal habitat for chaga) in search of this medicinal marvel, and discovering what I thought were potential candidates.  I’d perceive one far in the distance and immediately scurry to the spot.  Standing under the darkened mass, hoping my search yielded success, I’d wonder, “Is this chaga?”

It wasn’t.

Rather, the abnormal growth that had myself (and countless others, judging by requests on identification forums) fooled was a tree burl resembling the…

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Etruscan rabbit hole…..

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I listen to a podcast called “Mysteriousl Universe” and this morning they were talking about this story….

I was intrigued…was it written in what we know now as Runes? As Runes were linked back to the Etruscan writing, but what I found was much more….in a short time of research I was able to find some ancient names of Gods/Goddeses from the Etruscan region. My Italian Ancestors come from this region, so it like following a Path, Home.

Liber Linteus Zagrabiensis. The Linen Book of Zagreb. A Comment on the Longest Etruscan Text. Monographs on Antiquity, 4

My Heart’s Content

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Finally my local Goth Club, Plague opened for the first time in 18 months.

I DANCED until my Heart’s Content!!!!

Dancing for me Heals my Soul and Reinvigorates my Spirit. I am an artist and Dance is one of my most powerful mediums. Being a very carnal being, moving my body and letting my Spirit Hair down is why I am human.

Dressed in my favorite outfit, and it was the “Ladies”, first night Goth night since their redo. First I paid homage to the “Lady of Portland” and did some Magick around Monument Square….wandered the streets and sang a song…..

I made my way down the stairs and entered what felt like a dream….a room full of Lovely Goths and music…

My ear caught onto the song that was playing…..

I quickly made my way to my favorite spot in front of the speaker and entered into an Esctatic state!!!

As a long time Party Girl….I so love kicking off the night on the dance floor!!

I will be checking out some new clubs here in Portland to see what I can see……


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This video has so much good insight….

Fire and Water

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After days of 90 degree temperatures, which is not usual for Maine in June, it is raining today!

The days of heat was so challenging. The West Coast had it worse, with temperatures over a hundred for days!

Here it was uncomfortable and my lungs did not want to work outside, but it was manageable. I have a AC for the first time in my life, and I am so glad that I do!

Soft rain falls

Trees drink it in

Soft rain falls

Plants revived!

Soft rain falls

Tourists slowed

Soft rain falls

Dream filled night


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A cool late Spring morning…..

The cool, crisp air blows through the Temple

Muslin curtains wave in the breeze

The bright blue sky and deep green trees fill the window

Bird song whispers on the winds

Breakfast is cooking

Coffee is brewing

Cannabis is smoldering in the small glass pipe

Poetry fills my mind

Prayers will be said,

Grateful for this day!


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The Beauty of a day well spent…..

The heat of the day accompanied me through western Maine, over the NH boarder

The thunder head clouds looming over the Mountains

The radio playing some forgotten song

A wander down memory lane at the local grocery

Arrival at my destination

Welcomed by a warm embrace and a cold beer

Deep conversations, watching the clouds float by

A swim, the feeling of water against skin

Freedom of movement, floating under the blue sky

Surf and Turf….grilled to perfection

A short good bye

A beautiful storm engulfs me on the way home

Grateful for the Rain

Grateful for the day


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Small purple, fragrant flowers….

Who knew something so small, carries such an impact

As I was sitting in my office, the scent came wafting by…..

A scent that reminded me of my childhood

Playing in the backyard…

Bathed in joy and the sweet scent of Lilacs


My Dear Love climbed upon his truck to pluck the prized blossoms

For Me.

Scent filled my bedroom

The scent reminds me of Kindness

Gentleness and

A deep sense of being Loved…

Pain: Teacher, Friend

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My relationship with pain is different than most other humans.

I am often confused by peoples fear of pain, pain is a powerful teacher.

I have learned much from pain. I have learned that what I believed was the limit of my human body and endurance was a lie. I was once in a Dark Eros Session, the pain and fear were building to a point where I felt I was going to explode! My body felt hot, my covered eyes saw even more darkness, the sting of the whip burning……when I heard a voice,” make this your new normal”. Huh, what new normal? I did…I took a deep breath, gathered my scattered emotions into a visualized red leather pouch in my mind and made the state I was in the new normal in a breath…..

My heart rate lowered, the intensity of the pain softened, things around me became soft again and fear subsided.

The new normal….this taught me, mind over matter. That I can in an instant turn my mind around and face the physical experience into something new.

I had done this in childbirth, it was not new to me, but I was clearly conscious in this Session, and was able to learn the path, as I was not in the throws of giving birth. This was a Great Lesson!

Pain, as Friend. Recently I was experiencing some gut issues and pain. The pain was nudging me….”hey, I think you need to make some different choices in your life”. Yes, pain, thank you, I really do need to do that don’t I?

I do not fear pain, it can be annoying, it can be exhausting weather it is physical or it is emotions, i.e. a broken heart.

There are lessons in there……

During my recent transformation, many people asked me about my “pain” after surgery. What is pain? Pain was my body healing, pain was the flesh bonding together, that is not pain….that is healing.

Transforming pain into other things, can be done in the flip of a switch. I can switch that pain into ecstasy, into transferring my physical being into experiencing the whole of the Divine, Ecstasy…physical pleasure from pain. It can also be turned into battle rage. Physical pain send hormones racing through the body which makes one able to do super human feats. Whether it is the ability to lift something heavy off a broken leg, or to stand back up in battle to keep swinging. Pain is our friend.

So I say to you, make friends with your pain, listen to the lessons, tend to the wounds, learn from the harm and become a better Self.

Found Friends…..

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New found 

Old friends

Pink and swollen

Round and Rosey

Healing Rounds

Heartfelt Healing

Feminine Expression



Sensuous Being