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Soft snow falling

Crows calling for their morning food

Home and Hearth cozy and warm

Mind digesting the Night’s Visions

Heart Holding

Ancestors Supporting

Love Calling

Song Brewing

A Love Revolution….NEEDS DANCING!

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Needs Dancing!!! Witches working their Magick! This Conjuring, conjuring up some Love!

I am Praying, Dancing, entering ecstatic Space, and Conjuring in my Kitchen, music loud!!!

Workers of the World Unite!!! Demand the EARTH belongs to all!!!

Day Three….

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YuleTide 2020

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My Yuletide Tradition 2020 

A few have asked how I celebrate, here is my personal Rite of the Holy Yuletide! 

I have included all of my Ritual here, but ones I am comfortable sharing in public.  

Mother’s Night 12/20/2020  Sunset at 4:06pm

I have spent the day cooking and baking.  Baking my Dad’s Italian cookies, GF version, making chilli and cornbread to eat for Winter Solstice Dinner tomorrow with my Daughter and her Man.  I also prepare my Traditional Homemade Yule Gelatin Shots….

The Longest night of the year.  A time to honor the Disir, the Grandmothers and to all of those Women doing the work of Creating the Holiday!  Cooking the food, creating the gifts, holding the space of Love and Comfort!!!    

I light a fire/candle right before the Sunsets….and keep that flame going all night long.  In previous years, I have been at Rites where the Sol Candle was lit, and I drove home with it lit in my car to keep the flame burning all night to await the return of the sun.

The Womb of the World…..waiting for the Sun/Sol to be reborn….

Winter Solstice 12/21/2020  5:02 am

The shortest day of the year!  

Sunrise 7:11 am Sunset 4:07 pm 

Great Conjunction  5:15pm EST  Jupiter and Santurn joining in the sky….

I light the first of my Yule Log Candles at Sunset to Honor the Time of Stillness….

My Yule Log, is a piece of Birch that called me many years ago, a friend drilled holes in it for me to put in three candles.  

The three days when the light and dark stay the same. With only seconds of sunlight difference in the day lengths.  It is a time for Communing with the Disir, the Gods and Celebrations with Family.   Enjoy the fruits of the labor of all the cooking, creating and baking that has been done. To enjoy the stillness of the Long Nights with those we love here and beyond.   I will have dinner with my daughter and her partner, and then hold a Sumbel with them around a fire.  To give thanks and to tell stories of those we love who have passed on.  

December 22nd  First Full Day of Winter! 

 Up at Sunrise 7:12am Sunset 4:07pm

Still in the time of Stillness, I take time for Utisetta, sitting in the cold of the day for Meditation, making Sacred Space for the World and Communications with those Beyond the Veil….To tell stories of Holiday’s gone by.   I also take time to read from the Lore, and Germanic traditions, as well as Italian and Celtic Traditions of this time of year.  

Sunset, again I light the second of my Yule Log Candles, to honor again, this Long Dark Night and the Sacred Stillness….

December 23rd

Up at Sunrise 7:12amSunset 4:07pm

Another day of Sacred Space, Sacred Study, Meditations and Reflection

Sunset, I light the next Yule Log Candle.   I take time for creating, relaxing and enjoy my day in some small and meaningful way.  

December 24th   

Sunrise 7:12amSunset 4:07pm

Honoring the time of the Long Night, awaiting the arrival of Santa Clause!! 

The embodiment of Magic! Joy and Love, Generosity and Laughter!

December 25th

Sunrise 7:13 amSunset  4:09 pm 

I will spend some time with my Family.  My Family is Roman Catholic and Episcopalian so I will spend some time with them sharing in their HolyDay and sharing gifts and food, stories and laughter.  Via Zoom this year…..

26th -December 29th 

Each day grows a tiny bit longer…..

Each night grows a tiny bit shorter…..

I spend time each of these days in Meditation, reconnecting with my inner self, self reflection and writing letters to loved ones and those I have things to say to.  I try to do something I enjoy each day, walking in the woods, watching a Holiday movie, reading some good books!  

December 29th  

Sunrise 7:14amSunset 4:12pm

Full Moon, in Cancer Last of 2020!  10:28pm EST

I will do a Ritual for the last Full Moon of the year…..

December 30th  

December 31st   

Making Marzipan Pigs!!!!  A Germanic tradition of gifting Marizpan Boars on New Years for Good Luck and Abundance in the Coming Year 2021

I also do some Divination around this time, or share doing Divinations with friends for the coming year. 

January 1st  2021

Sunrise 7:14am  Sunset 4:17 pm 

Happy New Year!!!!   

I make some delicious foods,watch funny movies and basically create all the things I want to welcome in 2021, joy, abundance, adventures and Love!    

January 4th, Last Day of Yuletide

Sunrise 7:14 amSunset 4:17 pm

1:01 minutes more of daylight!!!

We have gained over a minute of Sunlight! Hail Sol!   

I believe Yuletide, has to do with the measurable return of the Light!   

This is my personal practice, to end Yuletide after we have gained a full minute of Daylength! 

I find it is so important to Honor this time of the year….especially in Maine where the Long, Cold Nights can be so difficult for many.  I think of our Ancestors without all of the modern conveniences that we have now, and how different things were then.  I take time to go through Family Photos, to work on Family Geneology as well as Dreaming the Dreams of the coming year…..  

The Burden of Leadership

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When I was elected to HelmsWoman of the Witches of DownEast, I was so pleased. The group was founded by The Wandering Witch, here in Maine, and as she headed off over the Atlantic, the Witches of DownEast decided to create a Council of Witches to keep the group running.

Now, I have identified as Clergy for over 9 years now. I called myself, “a priestess in training”, for many years as I did my work in the Maine Pagan Community. Creating Events, volunteering for Pagan Pride Day, I was Chair of the Pagan Students at the University of Southern Maine for many years. My time there included being with a great group of people who created The Witches Ball, that ran for four years, Embracing The Darkness, a panel discussion, Witch Awareness Week, Goddess Mask Making, many bake sales including our Lupercalia bake sale of Cats and Roosters. We petitioned the USM Board of Student Organizations each year to fund our trip to Rites of Spring as our “Conference”. I started reading Tarot for other people in 2001, after much prompting from friends, and I found this work quite rewarding. I would read at student events, Craft Fairs ect….I got REALLY good at doing public readings, which is a trick in itself! As a Mother and Leader, I knew my deeds needed to be as honorable as possible. As not only my daughter looked up to me, but younger people at the University did as well. I was a non traditional student, and found my way to college while being in a Domestic Violence Shelter. I found that my philosophy classes along with my personal Spiritual Studies kept me walking an Honorable path.

Leadership puts you on the outside of the Circle…..

So while all the other members are enjoying social time, and each other’s company, as a leader it is a fine line. To be able to be one’s self and to also hold the mantle of any group you are leading. It is not about you, the leader, it is about the group that you represent.

Therefore at times your personal thoughts, feelings and needs are put aside.

I have lived the past 7 years in the role of Leader, and Clergy. I have lived my life in such a way of honor, reliability and integrity. Even while facing deep personal angst, physical health problems and major betrayal in the Maine Pagan Community.

A Dream come true…..I had dreamt since my early 30’s to be Clergy, specifically to do work within Prisons.

Today I was interviewed by a Masters in Philosophy, writing her thesis on Witches and the modern political climate and the patriarchy as it relates to the word Witch.

Thirteen Years of Honoring…..

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As this Volva prepares for the Yutletide….as we enter into the Darkest times of the year…..I Altered my Altars.

Thrice she was burned, and thrice reborn!

Woman,Hag, Edgwalker, Spae Worker, Witch, Magician…. All words that put me on the outside of many Circles, just on the edge the sharpest part of the blade where one is sliced, and sacrificces made.

I, a Woman who speaks Truth, is not welcome in all places. Frigg, taught me, just because I can see everything I should not speak everything. I see much more than I ever let on…. Oh sure, people say that truth is good, but in my experience the truth made me a “Liar”, a pain in the ass, unsettling, and dangerous.

So, I have learned to walk along the edges……

When one is a Mystic and a Seeker….the answers one finds are not always enjoyable. I have been burneded most of my life with “KNOWINGS”. These knowings had a huge impact on my life day to day. They also impacted my Daughter, as she grew up with a Mother who was always in prepper mode.

I ws the one speaking about “you should be more afraid of things you can’t see then those you can”. My germ conversation with her and her friends. This made me the crazy lady, this made me the weird one the dangerous one. It put me on the outs with my family, my peers, (soccer Moms) and even my Pagan Community.
It wasn’t until I found my way to Heathenry, or should I say, Thor came and got me. That I had a Cosmology and an understanding of the Visions I had been given.

Finding my way to Heathenry, the mantle fit better than anything else I had researched, dabbled or Rituals of many sorts I found myself in over the years. I spent years doing reserach daily. There was so much to learn it seemed so daughting. I just took one small bite at a time. I traveled across the country on a bus alone to go and be with people I was learning from online and finally met in person.

In those days of immersing myself into Mysticism, World Walking, Pocessionary work….accidentally at first. I came to understand the World view I had been Seeking to name my whole life! Once again I find my home among the Freaks of the Freaks!!! Ah, my People.

This will be the 13th Yule I have spent honoring the Germanic Gods, the 13rh Year I have Conjured up the Disir and Danced with the Grandmother’s, to Spend Mother’s Night up until the Sun Returned, and Honored the Three Days the World Stands Still…..

Spiritual Abuse Red Flags

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A great article on Spiritual abuse, don’t be fooled again!

Facing the Abyss

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Another great post by Mainer……

This touched my heart deeply….

In Honor of Sigyn

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“She Endures”  

By J.M. Gorham





Salty Tears

Venom Burns

Sweat Beads

Waves Ripple 

Lady of Devotion

Lady of Sacrifice

Catching Venom





Her arms shake

His eyes meet Hers

Love washes through Her

 Devotion fortified 

Her muscles Stiffen

Strength flows through Her

Once again, His Hero


Her flesh burns

Venom biting

Her pain turns into Love






She Remains

Repost 6/15

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Some become abusive with Power

yes, we do.   I have been on the receiving side of that abuse.

As well as  on the giving side.

One of my worst fears in life, is to be the one doing the abuse. I have had rage issues in my past.  I have even blacked out from anger more than once in my life.   I am sure if we did a check for that “anger” gene, I would have it.

But, I am a woman.  Women handle things differently.  We are calculating, intuitive, manipulative and subversive.  I am also an Alpha Female, here to Protect, Guard and Teach the Tribal Pups, to assist in them becoming  young Women and Men.

Well, okay maybe that is just me….but I think not.   We have these qualities to over ride the Man’s qaulity of physical strength.  They can force us physically to do what they want, in General.   So Women, have evolved countering qualities.  This is not a Wicked thing, it is a biological thing.  So….as Women, it is our responsibility to know our actions and our mind.   To over ride the animal in us to achieve the higher consciousness that is needed in a lasting, stable. Community.  I am speaking as a Neo Tribalist.   I chose to be PolyAmorous for many reasons, and one is to over ride biology, own my mind and my body.  Make choices that are best for the Tribe, not just me.

Magician Know Theyself.