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Short Days

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Long Dark Nights…..

Mani keeping a close eye on me

Twinkling stars say hello

Wrapped in nostalgia

Sadness for Family lost

Joy for friends found

Spiral in…..

Keep going….



ah…they call this “help”

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“When was the rape?”

“When was the rape?!?!?!?”  a voiced shouted in my head, “which one?!?!?!” She was pissed….”like fuck you lady you have no idea, I don’t need this bullshit, we’re fuckingout of here!!!”…..

But what came out of my mouth….”well I used to say I was raped and beaten for a living….(I laugh and shift positions)  “Well”, I went on< “my first boyfriend was very abusive, it was that way for a while…it kinda all just blurs together”.


My day asking for help.

Tick the boxes, tell of all the deep, darkest horrifying moments on a scale from 1 to 5

Women’s Ritual Dances and the Nine Touchstones of Goddess Spirituality-Part One by by Laura Shannon —

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In Rebirth of the Goddess, feminist theologian Carol P Christ offered a list of ‘Nine Touchstones of Goddess Spirituality’.[1] She revisited the Nine Touchstones in an interview with Karen Tate on Voices of the Sacred Feminine titled ‘Gratitude and Sharing: Principles of Goddess Spirituality‘, and in an inspiring series of blogs on this site recently […]

via Women’s Ritual Dances and the Nine Touchstones of Goddess Spirituality-Part One by by Laura Shannon —

The Weaving…..

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Seeking guidance, Wisdom and Communing……


The day of, I readied my Cleansing Bath……

I prayed to Diana, Protector of Women and Children

I prayed to Freya

I prayed to Frigga

I began my decent… the Plains, down the Path until I found myself lying in a pond in one of the Nine Worlds….

“Tell me what I need to know to help strengthen myself and my community”….

I reached up my arms….and a Goddess appeared, a Jotun Goddess

She was naked, her body a bluish green hue…strong athletic features.

She reached down and I grasped my hands around her forearms and She did the same….

She lifted me up and forward….”You wanted to  see a bit into the future….”

Then suddenly I was back in my tub…..and I could feel the Ancestors, I could feel the Women of my line, Disir, the Goddesss all holding me up, all had my back.

Urging me forward into the future.  I could see my daughter, my daughter’s daughter, my daughter’s daughter’s daughter…..

I readied myself for the Weaving.  I made sure my head was covered, I felt a bit vulnerable having to travel after having such a powerful experience, but that is what this Volva needed to do!

Over the Mountain and through the Woods……a long hour and a half ride to my destination.

There were 19 of us…Circled around a fire pit, under the over cast sky on a warm October day in Maine.

First a short jouney, time for us to sit in a pose and to listen to the drum and Wander the Worlds….I found myself on the Plains…..

There I was in my usual landing spot, and paths to many Worlds laid ahead

I Saw the path I was to take… To the World Tree, Yaggdrasil



Scrubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

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My little cleaning business has many rewards, it also has many….stories

“The patio door doesn’t lock well, so make sure you lock it if you go outside”, remarked my client.  Note to self.

Sweat pouring in my eyes, a whirlwind of dust, vacuum, rags, cleaning solutions I am working my way through a cute one bedroom apartment for a gentle, older man.

The older black cat who lives there, likes to be where I am…”meow”  She wants a petting and a warm lap, “meow”….Right under foot and undaunted by the loud whirring vacuum.

“I want to get the windows washed for you, before Winter sets in” I told him.

So out on the little back patio I go, it is a cloudy day, but a warm one.

Armed with paper towels and solution I set to work.

I pull the door closed and the paper towels got jammed in the lock, I go to pull back the door to get them out….

The door doesn’t budge!!! I yank and yank, pull and pull….fuck that is locked!!

I stand there heart racing….on the other side of the window, the pretty, little, black kitteh is happily perched on the couch just staring at me, I swear she is laughing….

I tug on the door some more, no luck. Oh, hey there is a window with a screen, got the screen off, and I start to pull the window back… stops….grrrrr “come one window, please?”, still no go.  I look at the sill, “Damn!”  there is a piece of wood in the sill to stop such an endeavor as I am attempting to embark on!.

Hmmmm, go around to front door and buzz neighbors? No, I don’t have a key to apartment.  I am locked out and no way back in….I guess I will have just wait until the owner returns…which is, I don’t know when.

I pondered the situation….”a switch, a stick” a voice said softly in my mind.

Hmmm, I had noticed on in the bush earlier when I was washing the window…..

Please stick, please help…..I broke it off, with a bit of struggle.   Reached my arm in the window and used that switch to wiggle the block of wood out of position…..

Ta Da!!!! It worked….now would the window slide open enough for me to climb through?!?!?!   Yes, yes it did!   Now hot to get me up and in….”Just do it” , the voice said.

Up and in the window, head first, hanging half way in and halfway out I had to just tip myself over into the apartment…and tumbled down onto the floor….laughing, a bit bruised and proud of myself!

The black Kitteh….she just licked herself, tilted her head, still perched on the couch…..

Now that the Cleaning Woman was once again back inside….the whirlwind of dust bunny killing and  spider moving began again!!!


Salem, Ancestors, Bloodlines

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One of my Family lines, the Cogswell’s were granted land in Ipswhich Massachusetts.

“John Cogswell (1592-1669) was born in Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, England, and embarked for New England in 1635 with his wife and eight children. Their ship, the Angel Gabriel, was wrecked at Pemaquid Point, Maine, and though the family survived, they lost more than £5000 worth of property, including cattle, furniture, and money. After traveling south, Cogswell established a farm on the land granted to him in the part of Ipswich bounded by the Chebacco (or “Chebokoe”) River, which is now the town of Essex.”

I have always had a sinking feeling regarding Salem, MA and the Witch Trials that were held there. When I came out as a Witch decades ago, people would always ask me “so you go to Salem then?”.  No,  I did not have a found place in my heart for Salem, I had no pull nor desire to go there.   I finally went on my 40th Bday, when a dear friend met me in Boston and we took the train over to Salem.  It was a great touristy kind of day.  But still the thought of my family lingered.

Six years ago, my partner at the time and I took a trip to the Cogswell Land Grant.  I got to put my eyes upon the home and land that my family’s.   I was adopted into my partner’s Family/Clan.  I heard the stories of how they were related to someone who was accused of being a witch in the Salem Witch Trials…and my heart sank.  Our families must have known each other.  I, sadly, was concerned that my family was the oppressors and the new family that welcomed me, were the oppressed

A few weeks ago my adopted Sister and Mother were here for a visit.  We happened to start talking about their family member who was involved  in the witch trials in Salem, MA,   “oh, I said,” I have family from that area, the Cogswell’s”.   My Sister looked at me firmly and passionately stated:

“Your not telling me we are blood sworn enemies are you?!?!”

I was tongue tied….at that moment her Mom was online, looking up any historical record she could find.  What she found was this….

As it happens, my family did know their family.  My Ancestor John Cogswell, and his son John Cogswell actually signed a letter stating John Proctor was a good and upstanding man, and they did not believe he was a witch,

“But as to what we have ever seen or heard of them upon or consciences we Judge them Innocent of the crime objected.

His Breading hath been amongst us and was of Religious Parents in or place, and by reason of Relations and Properties wthin or Towne hath had constant intercourse wth us.
We Speak upon or prsonall acquaintance and observations : and so leave our neighbours and this our Testimonie on their behalfe to the wise thoughts of yr Honours. &c.
Subscribe &c.”

A deep sigh went through the room.  Yes, we are Ancestrally connected, but it was that my family was protecting theirs!!

This proves something I have felt since I first met any of the Thompson’s.  That we have crossed paths in another lifetime.

I am also pleased to read that my Ancestors were protecting people during that horrible times.   Mind you, I don’t know if this was true for all those accused, but I have begun to open a small part of my heart to Ancestors I didn’t want to know about until recently.

I have read their story and plan to visit the place of their home in England.

Ancestral Healing in many forms!




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I’ve had a few…..

Well, about a hand full really.

As we descend into the Dark

As another Harvest has come

I linger back over the years, of the Memories of this Season