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A Wandering Witch and Woden

Posted in Uncategorized on September 19, 2018 by HowlingFire

When I saw Him, he looked like a General overlooking his troops.

His one eye glancing into the faces of those assembled for the Rite, those assembled to pay honor to Him.

I then caught his eye…..

I was using my breath, my breath and his name to bring myself closer to Him.

The walked over to me, and looked lovingly into my eyes.  A sly grin then crossed his face, His hand reached out and took me lovingly, gently by the neck.

His long strong fingers sliding their way up until his finger touched my ear…..

Ecstasy ran through me, I began to shudder with joy and weep with knowing.

“Never forget I own your throat”, he reminded me.

Oh, I never forget, but there are long times these days in between his presence.

I felt my feet leave the Earth

Tears streaming down my face,  “I’ve got you”, he whispered

“I always have hold of you my sweet Valkyrie”

I gazed into his face, the face I have seen in many forms.

I heard his voice, the voice that has whispers in my ear,

touched my heart

He Who Comforts Me




Ecstasy in the Temple…..

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Altering Moon

Posted in Uncategorized on July 27, 2018 by HowlingFire

Time to shift some things.

Internally my sense of self is already altered.

Tonight a Ritual under the Full Moon with Witches

Dance, Ecstatic connection


I haven’t danced since my brother passed a month ago, this Moon.


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She Wandered…..

She wandered in the dark

Her cloak covered her slyness

She wandered in the tall grass

Under the Milky Way

She Wandered, circling

Circling, Spiraling, Spinning

She Wandered

To the Sea

Her toes in the sand

She wandered toward the rocks

Heart beat becoming ocean waves

Sitting in the Moonlight

Wandering, was her mind

To sadness and loss

Wandered to Joy and Love

Living   Fiercely

She Wandered




To the Woods!!!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 12, 2018 by HowlingFire

To commune with


The Gods

My Community

My Soul

My Heart

My Desire

Inquisitive Witch

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Mostly.  Sometimes, somethings you just don’t want to know.

“Forewarned is Forearmed”, a voice rings in my head

“Yeah! So! then what?!?”

Asking questions have gotten me into trouble

Seeking truth irritates those living in lies

I used to live in lies

It is clearer over here,

It is calmer over here,

It is cleaner over here

Many speak of Honor, what is one’ s Honor?   Is it the Will?   The one purpose in life.  To live in Honor, to live with Honor must first mean Honoring yourself, and in my world that means the Higher Self, the Will.


In grief….

Posted in Uncategorized on July 10, 2018 by HowlingFire

another young man lost.

My Brother, only 29 years young.

He felt he had no purpose

They told him lies

His Heart too big for the injustices in this World