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Hail Uller!


A beautiful snow day here in at the foot of the White Mountains….

Almost a foot and still falling steady.

Thank you for the day of rest, reading and healing!



She came inbetween

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The space between waking and sleep….

Her strong  jaw framed by radiant red flaming hair

Her eyes deep green, like moss upon a stone

“Here to help to heal” she whispered

Her eyes stern and piercing

I felt the arms of “He who Comforts me” around my waist…

“Thought you could use some help, considering.  A Valkyrie training a Valkyrie”

I feel warmth on my flesh, then warmth deep inside

Breathing, I breath in Love   Holding I hold Love

I hear the name “Mary”

Purple pulsing light gleaming gold





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She woke…from a sleep, a waking terrifying dream.

“What the fuck was that?”  Shaking her head, he long tangled hair covering her face.

Her breath was shallow and her heart beating fast.

It felt like she had been under water, she felt as if she had been drugged.  She was drugged, by the flood of hormones in her body.  Her body’s way of trying to save her.

Fight, flight, freeze or faun.  These are survival methods for humans when they are dying.  Freeze and faun, for her, the most dangerous.

She can see now.  What the pay off for her was.  Not only the learning, the facing one’s fears, but why her psyche was drawn to that, why she was “okay” with it all.

Until….until she witnessed him hit another woman out of anger.

That is when she realized it was not her, it was him.  His need, desire, the malware in his brain that needed to consume humans, one by one.



Hail the Witches!!!!

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Sniffing out the Maine trash….

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A great investigative article about the fascist, nazi scum here in Maine.


Goddesses….oh my.

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Tick Tock Tick

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The sound I hear in my head….I call it the “Ragnarock Clock”.

One of the reasons I believe Odin and Freya are actively recruiting.  Saving Midgard, being their primary objective.

Recently it came to pass that many people around me are drawn to Odin, but of course this is how he works…recruiting that is.  Because of my experience with my former partner, W.  and the  Somaferans I now have plenty of wisdom not only from stories but from my personal experience with the Old Man. I also learned how not to do things.  So even this afternoon telling a tale of possession and entities jumping into humans, without their permission.

Diane Paxsons most recent book has also found it’s way to me.  Funny, how experiences with the Old Man have some universal aspects.  So recently a group has formed to study Lore and Seidhr.  I have seen this coming for quite a while, I was just waiting.  So the next few months will be deeply filled with travel,study and practice.

To what end?

I believe to strengthen us, for the shift that is coming.