“She Endures”

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Prose for Sygn….

“She Endures”  

By J.M. Gorham






Salty Tears

Venom Burns

Sweat Beads

Waves Ripple


Lady of Devotion

Lady of Sacrifice

Catching Venom







Her arms shake

His eyes meet Hers

Love washes through Her

Devotion fortified


Her muscles Stiffen

Strength flows through Her

Once again, His Hero



Her flesh burns

Venom biting

Her pain turns into Love








She Remains



Important read on Religious Freedom!

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Please look up….

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Blessed New Year!

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Yes, it is so far!

New apartment, I move in on Wednesday the 3rd.  Very appropriate….

New name for apartment…well, Odin has an idea or two.

The deep realization, once again, the reality of being Valkyrie, of being Shield Maiden.

Looking forward to office space and computer set up for more writing time.

Blessings to you and yours!

Honoring Death

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An article by Robert Schreiwer

Ewicher Yeeger: Why Honor Death?

Tonight starts the final day of the Urglaawe observance of Allelieweziel. Now we honor Holler, who is also known as Ewicher Yeeger. His association with death is reflected in the translation of His byname into English: the Eternal Hunter. Indeed, He is seen by many as Death personified, and imagery and versions of folk tales over the centuries have presented Him as a bringer of disruption, disease, destruction, and, well, death. So, this begs the question: Why honor Him?

There are many possible answers to this question. Ironically, the most significant tale about Holler shows a merciful side to Him that is not typically associated with death. While death appeared imminent to the settlers of Lynn Township, the fact that they recognized the error of their ways and gave up offerings caused Holler to save the colony. Driving game over the Blobarrick ridge provided the settlers with food to survive through the winter months.

While this story is one version of the best known tale of Ewicher Yeeger, there are bits of knowledge and remnants of other tales that reflect a complex character to this god. One of the more curious remnants reflects the push and pull among the various forces in existence as viewed within our physical world. After Holle’s departure and the burning of the Butzemenner, King Frost’s armies are on the move into our realm. The Frost Giants seize the spirits of the plants and animals (and humans, for that matter?) that they kill, thereby removing them from the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. In this tale remnant, Holler brings death and/or dormancy to the weaker plants and animals. Those who die are released to the Wild Hunt, which ensures their continuity in the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The Frost Giants pass by the dormant spirits, who sleep safely until Spring under the care of an entity named Schlumm.

In this case, we see Holler playing a role in tandem with Holle. He aids in the ongoing cycle of life even while bringing death. This reinforces the idea that death is a part of life and also of rebirth.

Another tidbit is a little more confusing because it conflates Ewicher Yeeger with aspects of Krampus. In this instance, Ewicher Yeeger is a punisher and a wild, primal beast. This tidbit is an outlier from most understandings of Ewicher Yeeger, but it is not the only one. Other versions reflect lore related to the Wild Hunt found in other Germanic lands. Some say Ewicher Yeeger is actually a cursed nobleman (much like Count Hackelberg in Germany) who is doomed to hunt as payback for his misdeeds in life.

These stories are worth mentioning, though, because they reflect the convolution of tales over many centuries and across many lands, including the Deitsch lands in Pennsylvania. However, the most intact story from the Deitsch cultural context places Ewicher Yeeger as an entity (or in the Urglaawe context, a god) strongly associated with death yet not to be pigeonholed.

The understanding conveyed to me about Ewicher Yeeger throughout my lifetime has been one of an entity who is much larger than our understanding. He has His own agenda and purposes for actions that we cannot always fathom. In Braucherei, He is appealed to for brute strength, terminations, and transformations.

The transformation aspect plays a major role in our understanding of death. Death is scary. Death is unwanted. Yet Death comes to all of us at some point. One theme of Allelieweziel is that we live in a society that, on the one hand, likes to pretend that death does not exist. Yet, on the other hand, we are obsessed with it. We depict is so cavalierly in movies and on television, yet we don’t want to plan for the end of the lives of our loved ones or of ourselves.

Most Urglaawer believe in some form of rebirth. The most common belief is that at least one part of the soul is reborn into a new, unique construct, thus giving us opportunities to grow and to expand our consciousness from lifetime to lifetime. We hope that, at the end of this cosmic cycle, we will be where the deities were at the beginning of it. Our corporeal forms have limits to our lifetimes, but each experience in this physical realm affords us the opportunity to increase the human life wave.

Thus, death is not to be feared per se; instead, it is part of the continuity of life and the evolution of existence. While we are to embrace our lives and to make the most of them, the eventuality of death is something with which we all must reconcile ourselves.

Therefore, we take a moment at this time of Ewicher Yeeger to understand our mortality, to consider how to make the most of the current life we have, and to ponder the prospects for a better future for humanity. We honor the god who helps us to prepare for and to confront the reality of death even while celebrating the life we have.

Thus, at this time of the observance of Ewicher Yeeger, let us hail Holler.


Sweet Home….

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The Old Man came through!!!

I have an apartment as of the Winter Solstice!

It is in Bridgton, I have lived there before with Wayland and this past Summer I was living there in my RV.  I love Bridgton, a small town with everything I need and even a bus service to Portland!!

A place of my own!  The apartment building sits in the woods, not far from a pond, so lots of Woods Wandering.  It is only a mile from my friend and my RV.   It still seems unreal to me but, keys will be acquired this week!!!

Thank you to all who have housed me, supported me and gave me a shoulder when I needed one.

It has been over four years since I have had Home….I can’t wait!

Hail Frigga!

He who Comforts Me

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And kicks me in the ass

and teaches me patience……

Yesterday morning I was talking with a fellow Seidh woman, who is in deep relationship with Odin.  We found each other through a mutual friend, a fellow Somaferan, he thought we had a lot in common, and yes we do.  We are both in Service to the Gods, our community and we both are favored by Odin.  Yesterday, we were both waiting for big news as to how our lives might proceed forward.  She did a rune reading and sent me a pic.  I was like, yup that looks like the answer to my question…Isa, Ansuz, Pethro.

Wait, the gods are working, gestation is happening…..She got her good news yesterday!  Me I am still waiting….but having faith.

I went in town to my appointment yesterday, singing and praying on my drive, and calling his name for assistance in getting into my Home.  I arrived at my appointment and sat down with a magazine to pass some time.  I opened up to a small story with a picture of goats and a dog.  “Odin the dog saves goats”…lol…what?   Odin?  of course Odin…a  reminder of faith, a reminder I am being watched over a reminder that no matter what hardships may come my way, he is here to Comfort me, kick me in the ass and teach me patience…..