Blood and Motherhood

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Motherhood is not only a choice,

it is a choice also not to Mother

I have one child by choice

Quality over quantity

The act of choosing not to Mother

Is still a Mothering act

Memories of choice

Flow every month with the blood

Fierce mother, loving mother

Death and life

Blood and Milk

Hauntingly beautiful….

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She stretched her neck….looking up, up….

It seemed the tree stretched on forever

It’s long low brach stretched out for what seemed and eternity

From behind the body of the tree

Peered an eye

He walked towards me slowly

Broad of stature

His one eye glinting


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Only a few steps….

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Through the misty trees she spied Him.  She thought it was Him….The height, the hat the long coat, they all seemed of Him.

She held her breath.  Part of her on the edge of ecstasy, the other part on the edge of terror.  This feeling, this feeling is where she LIVED!

Blue sky, Darkness

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Her eyelids grew heavy, she consciously forced herself keep her eyes open, for if she let them close she would slip off into the darkness….the nothingness.

She felt her fingers tingling as the extremities were now loosing oxygen.

The blue sky shone so brightly.  The green from the grass surrounded her on all sides.

She fought off the darkness, she fought off the sinking feeling in her gut that she would soon black out.  “No, I refuse to give in!” The terror flowed through her veins, her limbs felt worlds away.  But she refused to tap out.

“I won’t pass out, I won’t pass out”, over and over again her mantra.  Now her hands lay by her side, now her body betrayed her, it was limp, her eyes drooping lids heavier and heavier, still she fought the darkness.

Finally, the pressure released from her neck. Slowly the blood regained it’s oxygen, slowly the color came back into the world. The bright blue sky, the white flowing clouds the green tall grass.  She had prevailed.

Moved by the music…..

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