Readying and Steadying

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So it is one day before I leave for my 13th Rites of Spring. I am so looking forward to this year for many reasons. One, well, two reasons are that I am co-presenting two workshops. One will be on the Goddesses in Northern Lore and another on Hearthkeeping. I have been working hard over the past two years learning and readying myself to present the information I have gathered. I do teaching alot one on one, or even in small groups but at Rites, I will feel that a circle has been completed. It was at Rites that I first came to understand deeply my Spiritual nature. I was inspired at Rites the first year I was there to come to this place in my life.
Being on my own, even makes it more of an important part of my life, teaching others, weaving webs.

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Strength….this rune found it’s way into a reading a friend did for me the other day. It is a rune I work with on many levels. What is strength? Strength the ability to face one’s shadow, to fight one’s foe, to remain still and silent when all one want so to do is jump around and holler. It relates to “primal” forces”, to me that also includes, Love, Lust, Fear…… I have been leading an interesting internal life for months now. Facing fears that most humans would never even bother to do face. I am now reflecting on why and if I should continue this endeavor. Having conquered many aspects for emotional fear, why would I continue to subject myself to more? What is it that I am learning, gaining from this repetitive undertaking. Maybe I am only avoiding the real fear, but spending so much time dealing with this…

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Runes and Healing

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Many years ago, as I was deepening my rune study, I use the younger futhark, I was introduced to a healing system using the Runes.

Now mind you, I was already learning healing applications for particular Runes. Such as Isa to bring down swelling.   Between these two learning tracks it became clear that I could use these with fairly good results.

Runes have been so powerful for me in my life with transformation, Ordeal work and other applications, especially when used on my body.  As I sit here I have a Rune tattooed on each ankle and a bind rune at the base of my back, I also have a few scarifications, including Ansuz on my forearm. (That is quite a story, from my time in Crystal Park in England and running into Odin)

I wounded my knee a few weeks ago, I have been utilizing visualization along with…

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It was six years ago today my bindrune was placed at the base of my back.

It took me 9 months to build that Rune, it had many shapes and forms before I found it.  That is a day I will never forget, for a few reasons.

One, my dead ex husband showed up.  My artist is a Medium.

Two it is my ex-partners birthday. I didn’t plan that, it was the day available for the appt. We were apart that Summer.

It was the Summer after my personal Initiation, and my father was dying.

I had it retouched up last Summer when I had another Rune put on my ankle.

So this day will forever hold pieces of my heart.

p.s.   I you ever want to hear the story about how Bubba showed up….just ask.

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Mid Summer Eve

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Started a new Tradition for the Summer Solstice/MidSummer, cleaning and conditioning my wooden spoons….this is they in progress….Hail the Ancestors!

Still Standing…..

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Did you notice?!?~?~?

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Two corporate giants, are now one megamonster.