She pulled back the heavy black curtains, the sun so bright it shocked her eyes for a moment.

Ah, hell, it was a dream.  The aching and sadness crept back into her heart.  I was light for a while, she remembered, free from care, surrounded by Love. Then she woke….

Wishing it was raining, it would fit the mood better, she thought.  I wouldn’t regret, so much, hiding here in my cool, dark cave. Escaping into a book, or sewing her way through the day.

But, facing the morning was a must, time to gather the water, time to check the food stores, and make some thick, black coffee.

The embers of the fire from the night before, still warm. This brought a sense of elation, at least getting a fire going will be easy, she thought.  Tossing bright orange brittle pine needles into the pit, they soon ignited and coffee would soon be on it’s way.  Some days, it was the only thing she had any feelings for at all.  The dark, thick, hot liquid filled her, opened her lungs and gave some sense of living, after all.


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