Waking from a Nightmare

Can be so unnerving.

The emotions are lingering…The images still burnt into the brain.

It was a boyfriend well, two that I had years ago….How the heart still wanders.

Finally, all all these years, I am starting to feel again, to let my heart emotionally wander. I think this has definitely had an impact on my dreaming.

Feeling and being engaged again has it’s downfalls.   I am bored, lonely.  I am still missing my people, I am still missing having a Lover, a Companion.   I went last night to my local Goth Club, it used to bring me joy, and to be honest, the dancing does bring me joy, but being there now only irritates me and reminds me how these are not my people.

I was so blessed about 10 years ago to find one of my people, then another, and another.  One became my Partner and lifemate. My life was busy, and full, I was neither lonely, not very often, or bored.

I am working at creating that kind of life again….I pray.



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