Stories and Dreams

His hair was so different, short, like a crew cut and blonde now, with patches of brown.  It was still him though.  Parts were pierced, parts were scarred but he still resided in that body.

He came to tell me, “no, I never Loved you like I should have”.   I knew that.  Why did you come?  “You needed to know”.  Know what? That I was right!  The flash of anger left my body.  Looking into his eyes, I softened.  I always knew this, I was grateful he spoke it, finally, for I had never stopped Loving him, and a part of me still belonged to him.

We just held each other hoping to somehow heal the hurt we had caused each other, to fix the broken places.   We decided to head out for a walk, there was a cave he wanted to show me.

The cave was magical, moss covered in spots and bare in others.  We sat down for a meditation when his brother showed up.  “You gotta leave here, you aren’t supposed to be here”. We gathered our things and headed out, on the way out we noticed that a    Pow-Wow had begun. There were Indigenous people selling their wares.  Cedar branches, rabbit fur and more cedar.  We followed the path out of the woods……I awoke.

Back to dreaming:  I was once again at a Pow-Wow, but this one was in Iceland, I think.  It was a gathering of Tribes from all over.  It was along the sea front.  At one point the sea was churned white with fury, waves and ice, floating by in this torrent were nativity scenes, like the one’s in front of people’s houses.

Meanwhile….back inside.  There were dancers, performers and many vendors with wonderful jewelry.  People were buying objects to sacrifice in the fire. I am left with a sense of Joy and Pride.


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  1. Loving rereading my stories here….

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