Loki’s Day, Snowy Day

The snow fell hard here all day.  Real funny aye?

I spent the day, once again, sorting and packing my things. Readying for the next chapter of my life story.

The snow snow feel softly all day, living in a snow globe.

My days of solitude here are quickly coming to a close. Then, things will be busier, and different. Thank the Gods!

Many years ago, I had a mad love affair with Loki.   I wasn’t clear that, that is what was going on until one particular evening with my Lover.   It was quite clear that we were not alone, and quite clear to me it was Loki who was the other entity in the room.   That was a year of trials, tribulations and facing my inner demons, my deepest darkest fears.

As I contemplate my relationship with Loki I realize how much he has played a part in my Heathenry, as well as Magickal studies and personal growth.

Hail Loki!  Mother of Witches! Hail Loki Father of Monsters! Hail Loki Truth Teller!


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