Waking with a start

She awoke with a start!

The dream left her feeling abandoned, alone and breathing rapidly.  Again  she had the dream of being left behind.

She was a bit irked that they were still happening.  It was many years ago that the loss had happened. She had been working to make a life for herself, which had been very complicated and difficult.  But recently she had felt almost normal.

The most difficult thing, which is really what the dream was about, she had not yet found a place where she fit in. Where people saw her and still loved her.  She felt she had to hide most of whom she was to keep people around.   She missed the years before when she was seen and still loved.

Next month, would be here soon. The move, a place, finally where she could walk to work, a place where she could walk to dance, a place where life and joy still lived.

Maybe this was the reason for the dream…the final flight of the old, and making way for the new.



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