A day….

In the English countryside.

I am feeling very blessed this morning.  Thinking on the wonderful day we had yesterday.

My dear friend (adopted Sister) Heather’s friend took us for an outing yesterday.  He showed up and we piled into his car.  We tooled across the English country side.   I loved to see all the homes, gardens and sites while we traveled.  I am also a bird watcher, so I saw many birds as we passed the furrowed fields.

We arrived at our destination the Flatford Mill.  It was a beautiful Spring like day, the air was warm and she sun was striving to shine from behind a thin layer of clouds.   The Flatford mill is part of the National Trust.   It is where John Constable painted “The Haywain”, a famous work of art.

We made our way down to the river’s edge and wandered around a bit.  Then our host took us out for a paddle on a small row boat.   It was a small river and serene.  We passed a few young men taking paddle boards for a spin and came across some wild Swans.


After the lovey row, we sat and had coffee sitting by the river.  A English Robin landed on the chair next to me, so tiny and brave.  Much different than the robins back home.

It was a proper English outing, a day that is now burned into my memory, and a lasting story to tell!


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