Failure and Hope

Years ago when I walked away, I felt like a such a failure.  “What more could I have done?”,  “What more could I have sacrificed?”, “Why wasn’t I strong enough to tell the truth?”.   The failure on my part, not just the loss was devastating.   I realized I had to cut ties, I had to leave or loose myself entirely.  Loosing myself entirely was not an option,  not for me, but for my daughter.  Sacrificing all, including ready to sacrifice my life to continue on the road was not an option, but failure was.

Rebuilding on the ashes…that has been a long and complicated process.  It brings me to where I am today though.  Close to the mend, close to being healed well enough to begin again.

Mainer74 once again, hit me where it hurt.  Hit my heart and removed a bandage that needed removing.  Facing failure with hope, at least there is an opportunity to begin again…..I hope you take the time to read his article.


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