Lots of Humans…..

So many humans….

So I live in Maine.  There is all kinds of room in my State.

Here, traveling in Oxford, England, going to the local grocery store, was causing me so much anxiety.   I am not used to being on a busy street full of pedestrians.  Having to physically negotiate around many types of humans is tricky!  I tend to walk on, and most people step aside, back home.  Here they are used to another way of negotiating with each other, and I find it very  complicated to maneuver.

I am a Wytch and an Empath…so I am very sensitive to the energies of many things.  We visited many museums during my visit. There were some rooms in the museums that I stepped into and had to immediately leave that room.     I could feel the stories, feel the years, feel the sadness in things ripped from their home country and feel the magick that was imbued in many of the objects.


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