Plagued by a knowing…she persisted.

The pain was sharp and then throbbed….the serpent had bitten her calf. When she tore the beast from her leg, she tore open her flesh with his sharp tooth.  It bled and ached as she stood to make her way…back.

She awoke, in a sheltered place behind a building. All there was was white, and a burning. A snow had fallen, and covered the world.   She could not remember her name, she did not know this woman who stood beside her.   “Here you are now, and I must go”, the woman departed to the east and left her alone, confused and lost without home.

She took to her feet. She heard sounds of others in the building.  She was cold and barley had enough cloth to cover herself.  Feet bare, except for a thin winding of linen, her leg still swollen and weeping from the serpents bite.  She limped her way into the building there it was warm…but strange.   Many glared at her as we walked past.

There was a nagging in her heart, that Home was now missing, now gone.  How would she find it?  Where had it gone too?  The nagging became an ache, the ache became a festering wound.  She knew, but she did not know.  She could almost see, but it was hidden from her at every turn.  How could she find her way back, if she did not know from where she had come? What she had lost……

Her voice was so small. Each time she tried to speak to ask for help, it was nothing but a whisper.  It pained her to try to speak, so she held her tongue as she wandered. Seeking the eyes of compassion, the small gesture from one whom would help her. Room after room, the lights hurt her eyes, the coldness was far more for her to bare, so she withstood the burden of the light.

A nagging, no, a knowing plagued her brain…where was she before this?  What had she lost?  How could she find it if she did not remember what it was?   Her bare legs stung from the cold, the weeping serpent bite ran down her leg.  She looked a horror, no wonder none would assist.


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