New Moon/Eclipse

Closing a chapter.  I am loyal and stubborn to a fault sometimes.  As I am on Sabbatical, I find that this Eclipse is perfect for me at this point on my path.   It is time to close a chapter in my life.   Moving on to the next chapter.

I have had so many “chapters” in this one lifetime that I grieve each time I move on.  At more than one point in my life, I just didn’t want to move on anymore.  But that would mean becoming stagnant and for me this is unacceptable.   So I keep turning the pages, though they maybe tear stained and rich in colorful stories…it is time to turn the page.

To manifest what I do want I first must know what that is…

I have been blessed with a large amount of solitude in the past few months.   In this solitude I have listened to my heart, let it dream, and let it mourn.   This had made for fertile soil for me to grow my dreams in.

Dreaming the dreams…….

For a while I had forgotten how.  I had refused to allow myself to dream again.  It was a struggle to crawl from that place into the land of dreaming again.

So as I move through this New Moon…as I reach from the darkness like a seed sprouting in the dark, damp, fertile soil I dare to dream again of the fruit the flower that will grow on this vine.


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