With the state of the political world here in America, it has been taking an emotional toll.

I had to write this because I came to understand why I was not as emotionally distraught as some of my friends.

I have been aware of white supremacist, white nationalist, the alt right and what I call the white wing of Asatru for years.   Being a Heathen you have to be.  There has been more than one time that I have come across a group, or a song that was interesting only to come to realized they  were from the white nationalist camp.   So, I have been dealing with this awareness for years.

My friends on the other hand…..especially the younger ones have not.   They are in shock, scared and having a hard time dealing with the reality of our new potus and his cronies.

I too am outraged, I too am fearful of what this federal government has in store for not only us but the world.


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  1. I think we have a role in educating them. I am working on that and will loop you in.

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