Dance, Trance and Magick

Much of the Magickal work I do is Global Magick.

It is not for me, but for Humanity.  For all those around the world standing against injustice, dancing, loving, parenting, playing, crying,singing or just being.

I usually on the dance floor do the LBRP.  I am setting a kind of container, there is all kinds of energy left on a dance floor…..why not utilize it for the World.  I am also protecting those there against me, me protected from me, and me protected from others.   I set up the container, not only for the Energy, but the Humans who are there.  With such a Magickal group, such as my Gothy Tribe, it can become chaotic and dangerous.   I am a Guardian and Edgewalker, my job to help keep them all safe, and to leave them better than I find them.   I am also Healer, Wytch, and Mother.   The work I do are for those not only here now, but for those whom come after.  A daughter’s, daughters’, daughter.

Dance for me, especially this past few months, has become such an integral part of my Sensual experiences/ Ecstatic experiences in life.   I recently had a dream, I was dressed in the clothing of a “Whirling Dervish”, except I did not have anything upon my head.  In this dream I was upon a large wooden ballroom floor, there was only I.  Spinning and spinning.  I could see my hands above my head, the ceiling behind them spinning….becoming a Tunnel…..

I have experienced this tunnel during meditation on Eihwaz.

To express my emotions through my body.  Love, Joy, Grief, Anger just to name a few. From my toes, through my fingertips, my shoulders, my breasts, my torso, legs, knees, ankles.  All of me present in emotional form.  Vibrating.

As a Wytch, I move a lot through my emotions, always have, always will. Passion to burn with it!!!

I work at not burning up, or burning those around me, but to use the fire for warmth, to burn away diseased things, and to raise the sparks towards the heavens…….


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