Runes and Healing

Many years ago, as I was deepening my rune study, I use the younger futhark, I was introduced to a healing system using the Runes.

Now mind you, I was already learning healing applications for particular Runes. Such as Isa to bring down swelling.   Between these two learning tracks it became clear that I could use these with fairly good results.

Runes have been so powerful for me in my life with transformation, Ordeal work and other applications, especially when used on my body.  As I sit here I have a Rune tattooed on each ankle and a bind rune at the base of my back, I also have a few scarifications, including Ansuz on my forearm. (That is quite a story, from my time in Crystal Park in England and running into Odin)

I wounded my knee a few weeks ago, I have been utilizing visualization along with Rune Healing, and it is healing up quickly!

I will be hosting a dinner next week, I have invited two Reiki Masters and the topic of conversation will be Energy Healing.  I will blog about how it goes.



One Response to “Runes and Healing”

  1. Ah now, that I would be interested to hear about. I am a Reiki Master and have just begun learning Runic Healing – this is an interesting topic … Stormr

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