A visit from the Disir…..

It was a long Winter’s Night….

I was deep in a dream….well a visit.

I was sitting in an large living room, many chairs, a dining room table covered with food, and a warm and cozy feel.  There sat two older women.   They were chatting when I walked in.  They were so pleased to see me.  They offered me some food and then offered up that we should go to the grocery store, could I drive.

One of them needed help getting  her shoes on, and I obliged.  The other was busy with finding coats and purses while I helped.  They seemed so familiar, but I could not remember their names.  They knew mine though, I did not know theirs.

There was laughter and a sense of familiarity with them.

When I awoke, I woke with a sense of being Loved, being watched over, and taken care of.

I am grateful for this visit, feeling a little lighter, and loved.


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