Planning a “trip”.

I just finished watching “Hamilton’s Pharmaceuticals”, on viceland tv.  This particular show was on Psilocybin mushrooms, commonly known as magic mushrooms.

I have been struggling with severe depression and grief.  Just earlier today I was so saddened by the fact there is no motivation for me to do much of anything.   I have seen many articles on the healing power of mushrooms, as well as have heard personal experiences form Loved ones.

I have never officially “tripped” on mushrooms.  I have only eaten them once and there was not enough to have an experience.

I have talked about it for years, and it looks like it is now about the time to take that trip. I am looking into booking a cabin in the White Mountains as well as, invite a few people, including a couple to watch over us.

I would love to have my new drum before this trip, so starting to pull the pieces together.   I feel this could be very healing for me.


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