Preparing for Yule

Preparing for Disir Feast.

I love the nostalga of this time of year. As the days grow short, and the nights are freezing.  I take to gathering.  Gathering gifts, necessirties and treasures.   Like my Ancestors would have, well, with a few differences…lol.

My heart sings when I find just the right gift for just the right person.  Or, as today, some cookies made in Germany.  Chatting in the aisles with the older women, as we all sort through the mountains of stuff, to find just the right thing.

I remember Woolworth’s, and the dining area.  My parents would take us to the mall and let us do our shopping.  My Nanny, my mom’s mom, would sometimes join us and we would stop for ice cream at the counter, and she would have a coffee.   The joy in finding things to make your loved ones smile.

Love.  Love is the binding force in all.  To Love one’s self. To radiate that Love, to see Love in one another.  That is the reason for the season.

In the darkness, go deep, but still the hearth fire burns.

Tomorrow, anise for my Dad’s cookie recipe, maybe this year I will attempt ricotta pie!

Now, but to my studies….


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