Good morning daylight….trickling in from a safe and welcoming place.  I will reside here for many months. This makes my heart and spirit take a deep breath.   I have been “homeless”, for seven weeks now.

I have had places to sleep, even a place to housesit, but Home still alludes me.   Spending many hours/days in my car has been how I have found solace.  Sitting on the Eastern Prom watching the waters, writing, reading and listening to NPR.  I have spent many hours driving from one place to another to sleep or regroup.  One of the places I had been staying was an hour and a half from Portland.  This made for very early mornings, lots of time on the road and Wolfina and I spending lots of time together.

A place by myself, safe, warm, and lovely.  I feel that the growth and creating that has been alluding me for years can now happen.   A place where I am emotionally safe, free to cook and move about as I wish, a place to write and work.  To be Sensual, Sexual and Sacred.


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