Struggles of the multi Homed

Well, the homeless.   I use the term multi Homed, because that is true.   I have many dear friends who have offered their home and opened their hearts to offer me a safe warm place to rest.    But not having a permanent bed, a permanent Temple takes a toll.   For example today I need to find a place to be for the next couple of nights.  I called one person, sent another a text…now the waiting.   I even just hate asking.   That is stressful in it self, when I have to ask I realize how vulnerable I am.  How not having my own space reminds me of the heart break and the trauma I have been through in the past few years.  And longer.

Yes, this will end next week, thank the Gods. But I have a feeling the last few days will be even more of a struggle because respite is so close!

I have slept in many spaces, and places including my car, a yurt, under a table, in a closet on a cot in a back room…A safe place can still not be Home.  The struggle for me is that Home was where my heart was.  Now, what is Home?  I became homeless and he found a home…..but I guess that is how things work sometimes.


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