Light and Shape

I am very,  do mean very impacted by the environment in which I reside.

My mental state is very much influenced by the space, decorations and colors in while I find myself surrounded.   Being a Homemaker without a Home, has certainly been a challenge.   I have at least been able in the past year, to have a room to myself, even if it was tiny, to decorate and surround myself with my things.    For the past month I have been couch surfing so I have been exposed to many places, which is over whelming at times for me.

Now I sit in the home I will be housesitting this Winter.  It is simple, clean lines, simple decor, clean and welcoming.  As I sit here, I can feel how good this place will be for me to spend a dark and cold Winter.    Right now, the tv is on, it is a large tv with cable…..I am so glad that there will be no cable over the Winter, I am a tv addict!  I will use that space for art, and shift my focal point into the kitchen.   I will have a spot to sit and over look the back yard while I write.  There are many bird feeders out back and the birds are so wonderful to watch.   I have privacy, no house too close, but there is also people walking by, cars driving by.  Just enough to keep me soothed by the presence of humans but not having to interact with them.

The color of the walls is a  soothing color, the floors rich and dark.   There is a granite fireplace and granite counter tops. It feels calm.


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