Patchwork Dreams

He wore a dark brown distressed leather coat, a brimmed hat, jeans and a  ripped greyish tshirt underneath.  He had shoulder length dirty brown hair and a scruffy beardish.

When he turned, upon his back, in patches was O D I N

Hmmmmm, so that is the part of my dream that has stayed with me throughout the day today.

I spent a few hours speaking with a friend in Florida the other day.  We have a few things in common. Both empty nesters of daughters, love fiercely, are called to Teach, and have both caught, Odin’s eye.   I would also admit that both her and I see ourselves very much touched by Freya.

The Old Man, it seems still has work for me, still has an eye on me, even though our previous contract has ended.

Now I will spend sometime conversing with him again, I will leave an offering for him this weekend, as well as dance and sing for Him, he enjoys that.

I believe he was just reminding me about our relationship and that he can help me in getting the things I desire, if I help him with what he desires…….



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