Tales of the Hallow Eve

Another Holy Day……

Celebrated on my own.  This has been a recurring theme….lol.  It has been four Halloweens/AlfarBlot/Samhain’s in a row that I have celebrated on my own.

Nine years ago, I was falling madly in love, and when I say madly, I do mean it!

I am hold up, at the moment, a the foot of the White Mountains.  It is a beautiful home, and I am go grateful that a dear friend has extended the offer to housesit here while he is away.  The downside, is the solitude.   Now many years as a single parent, all I really wanted was solicitude.  I lived in a yurt a few years ago for months on my own.  It was such a growing experience for me, hard work, beautiful place to live and off grid.  I faced many fears and it was a place to grieve my shattered heart.

My heart now, is glued back together, still aching, but healing.

Solitude.  Yes, part is being alone. Alone can equal loneliness, but not always.  Some of the most loneliest and painful times of my life have been feeling alone even while lying naked next to another.  Spending many days without seeing another human, or speaking to one can be……interesting.



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