How the Runes speak……

A few months ago, tending to my “hot” set of Runes. This set was made from antler, cut by a dear friend, carved and blooded by me.  They traveled to England, and Ireland with me a few years ago. I noticed I was missing one Rune.  It was the Rune that my former partner associated with himself, in particular.

This showed up as relevant a few months ago when I had a friend do a reading over the phone for me, as we spoke I was moved to tears.   I was tearful in loosing that Rune, in particular for mourning the loss of that relationship has been complicated for me.  I was clear at the time it was about the power of letting go and making room again for Love in my life.

I had another blank stave set aside to make the new one, but had not yet gotten around to it.

Today, while at a friends house in the White Mountains, I had a phone call with a dear friend and my former partner came up in conversation.  I mentioned how I had a “crash course”, with my personal relationship with magick and my shadow self, and I grew immensely from a Mom to a Priestess. I expressed how grateful I was for our time together, and how I would not have grown without him in my life.   As I sat down, still on the phone, I looked across the floor and what do you think was lying there……the missing Rune!!!!!

I was here a few months ago, and I did bring my Runes, but I did not remember taking them out….but there it was!

I take this as a sign. That I am moving along my path, as twisted as it maybe, and that my heart is well on it’s way to being healed.    I made a conscious decision recently that I needed to “let go”, or Love would not be able to find it’s way to my heart.

Like leaning over a pile of branches, rubbing two sticks together, the key is tenacity, patience, diligence, breath and care.   All things I am applying now to my daily life.  Though my knees ache, and it has started to rain, and the wind gusts.

Tenacity in the grind of my days, to be patient, to be calm and to blow on the embers when needed.



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