All I was doing was singing……..

Then the cyotes started to howl, and the dogs began to bark

All I was doing was sining

When the tears began to flow, and the hearts open

All I was doing was singing

” From WikipediaGaldr (plural galdrar) is one Old Norse word for “spell, incantation“; these were usually performed in combination with certain rites.[1] It was mastered by both women and men.[2] Some scholars have assumed they chanted it in falsetto (gala).[2][3]EtymologyThe Old Norse word galdr is derived from a word for singing incantations, gala (Old High German and Old English: galan) with an Indo-Europeantro suffix. In Old High German the –stro suffix produced galster instead.[4]The Old English forms were gealdor, galdor, ȝaldre “spell, enchantment, witchcraft”, and the verb galan meant “sing, chant”. It is contained in nightingale (from næcti-galæ), related to giellan, the verb ancestral to Modern English yell; cf. also the Icelandic verb að gala “to sing, call out, yell” and Dutch gillen “to yell, scream”.”

Well, evidently it was Galdr.  The thing I understand is the resonance.   The vibrations that I create when moving Spirit through my throat, shake the ether.

I sometimes call it a “Soulgasm”.  It is an ecstatic experiene.   My whole being is  vibrating on another frequency.  It is a high, time out of time.



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