Going to my Gods

In a time of change, a time of flux and uncertainty.

Taking fear and turning it into Faith.

I go to my Gods.

This past week, Loki has stepped up.  Or  more to the accurate point.   I have allowed him to step up.    It has been a long and complicated interaction/relationship I have had with Loki.  During a friend’s visit a couple weeks ago, it came clear how seeking a relationship and letting Loki into my life, will actually nurture me.

Nurture: not a word that has had much of a place in my life, well, I  have nurtured many.  But not nurtured in life, except by my Gods.   It has been that way since I was a child.  Turning to Jesus or to Mary for comfort and console.    When I gave myself to Diana, on Congress St, Portland Maine when I was 29, I found a Mother/Nurturer with her, but also one who kicks me in the ass, inspires me to take care of others, and teaches me.

Loki, is offering nurturing.  Someone to watch over me, look out for me, help me find my way and be strong.  He wants to help, not make more hardship, to hold, comfort, make laugh and Love.  He Loves Fiercely.



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