A few words on Freedom

So, my car is back up and going.   A week I was without her.   I relearned how important my freedom is to me.    I have been driving since I was 16, I needed to, we lived in rural Maine.   Ever since then, having the ability to drive myself to where I needed to be has been a huge part of my life, mental health and most of all freedom.

My car, for the past few years, has been my one true companion.  We have been on many adventures together.  Traveled to meet with friends, traveled to Serve my community, traveled to find a sense of peace and cry along the way.

I don’t live on a public bus route or in a place where I can easily/safely walk or bike. so Wolfina has gotten me to work, to play and to the Mountains when I needed a break!

Many years ago, as a single Mother of a young girl, my car was our savior.   Every Fall, my student loans would get us another car to last a year.   It was a piece to our climbing out of poverty, a piece to getting her through school (she is now a college graduate), and getting us to therapy, Dr’s appts and Mom out to sing every week!

I have put alot of cash over this past Summer into Wolfina, but she has been worth it!   So as I look to the coming Fall, and another move, Wolfina and I will travel many places, move many things, and share a few star filled nights in the Mountians…..

A thanks goes out to all of the help I had last week in getting around, and healing Wolfina.  My daughter, My Mom, Bb, Micheal, Matt, Ann and all who sent their support.


Hail Wolfina!




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