Broken car and poison air

So sad, Wolfina, my trusty Subaru Forester is ill.  We have done surgery, new alternator, battery and now working on fuses….I think it is a short or a fuse, my windows and blinkers are not working.   I must thank Wolfina for getting me home safe, before she quit.

I am lost without a vehicle….I Love my freedom and feeling trapped is not something I am comfortable at all!

Poison air, so the chemtrails were heavy, I think they were trying to make rain, we got a little bit tomorrow, but the air quality was so awful I hated to go outside at all.

So that has been the most of my past couple days, working on keeping Sane, while the world becomes curiouser and curiouser…..

Feeling Blessed I am a Woman of Faith, or I would totally be loosing it!


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