Thor’s Magical Items

One of the most interesting workshops I attended at ECT was,”Thor’s ‘Other’ Tools, Presented by Austin “Auz” Lawrence  Thor is most associated with his ownership of Mjollnir, the mighty hammer.  Less familiar are the gifts he received from Grið; his belt Megingjörð, his staff Gríðarvölr, and his gloves Járngreipr.”

I knew Thor had a mighty belt, but I was unaware of his other magickal objects.   Auz told the tale as a true story teller should.  We were gripped by his voice, waiting with baited breath to hear the story unfold…….

I had never considered the “sourcerous”, aspects of Thor before.

Auz also performed a Rite to Honor Thor at the Thor Ves, before the Procession on the last day.   It was quite powerful and I was witness to how these objects maybe used in a Rite.

I was also fascinated by the “Witch” that gave Thor these gifts, and I am searching more about her, as we speak.

Hail Thor!


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