I am in Service:

To my Gods, My Community, My Ancestors but mostly to those whom come after.

I am a role model, a mentor, a survivor, a story teller, a supporter, a truth teller.

My work is not for my  personal ego stroking, though sometimes pride does come into it. My work is satisfying and it does fulfill me. I work hard at speaking my truth, seeing the truth, and engaging in respectful discourse.   Communicating effectively and speaking up when needed. Assisting those whom ask, and being involved in Social Activism.

So when I see people in my wider Polytheist/Heathen/Pagan Community tearing one another down, it makes my heart heavy with sadness.  I am confused.   There are so few of us, comparatively to the wider Monotheist culture.                                                                 Why would we turn on one another?

I understand critical thought, I understand holding people accountable,  I do not understand the petty in fighting and personal attacks.

I turn often to face my own shadow, I spend time in reflective thought and examining closely my personal motives and actions.  I think this is living a Honorable life.

Let us strengthen one another, temper one another like fire to iron.                                         Let us build a stronger community of Honorable Humans.


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