More on ECT

Finding myself surrounded with other Heathens brings such a sense of peace and joy.

A big thank you goes out to the organizers and volunteers who make this event happen!

In a beautiful small camp, under the Milky Way and stars, standing round a fire I find HOME.

There were many workshops at ECT, of course we have great presenters, informative, wise and entertaining.  But for me the most moving and memorable part was the Gods. There is a field that holds the Ve’s of the many Gods that are represented each year.  This year there were many Gods honored and a Ve for the Ancestors.   They are all so beautifully done, with an image of the God, many were carved of wood, place to leave offering and other decorations.   I visited them a few times during the week, including being part of a Frigg Rite at her Ve, and a Rite for Heimdall.  The most moving moments though, was the procession of the Gods to the final Rite.

There were 180 in attendance this year, including all the incredible children.   So when we lined up in a double line outside of the Ve field entrance it was quite a site.   Some had clackers and a few played drums.   As we stood there facing one another, awaiting the Gods, I could drink in the beauty of my fellow Heathens, there in Honor and Devotion together.  Faces aglow and hearts open.

The procession begins…..One by one the Gods, held on litters by my fellow Heathens walked past, following them were others carrying the offerings that had been made to the main fire pit.   As the Gods moved past, I was so moved.  All that could be heard was the sound of the simple percussion instruments.  The hot August air filled with electricity and awe.   I was moved to tears, my heart bursting open at the beauty of this pageant.

It took a while for the procession to move past us, then we followed.  I do not know howw much time passed, for we were in a place out of time.  A place where our Gods and our Ancestors joined us.




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