East Coast Thing Presentation

It was a wonderful trip down to Milford, PA to the East Coast Thing.  This was my third time going to this amazing event, I missed last year.   It was also the first year that I presented at this event.   My discussion was titled, “Women in Heathenry”,  I have spoken with many of my Sisters through the years about this topic.   One night as I sat at my computer a notice came across my email that it was the last day to submit your workshop proposals for ECT, I felt a prod on my shoulder, Freya, “do it, do it!”.  So I did.

I have always very much enjoyed and learned so much at ECT.  It is a community full of academics, published authors and professors.   I have called myself the practitioner, not the academic.   So, I was a bit nervous.  It turned out wonderful!   It was on Thursday morning, right before lunch, there was about 20/30 people there(I didn’t take count).   Most were women but a few were men.  I was so pleased, I had us all sit in a circle and I had invited people to bring their craft projects if they wished.   I started with a description of what moved me to have this discussion.  As in most of the workshops at ECT, the afa had provided some fodder.  What is it to be a “feminine female”?

The discussion moved from socioeconomic status of women, hand crafts, homesteading, mothering, politics.   There were so many topics and so many great discussions from the awesome group of people. A few participants stopped me later in the week and thanked me, and hoped that we could narrow down some topics for next year.   I am so proud and pleased how it turned out.




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