The New Moon, and the changing of the tides……have left me in a place of Devotion.   I have been struggling with some physical issues for a while and NOW is the time to face them head on.

Devotion to myself.   I have mostly in my life left myself as the last one to be taken care of , the last one to be thought of, the last one….But, that MUST change now, or, as I have seen, I will leave myself behind.

The next three weeks, as I prepare to head to the East Coast Thing, I will be on a very restricted diet,exercise plan, practice, and now that the new computer has arrived, more writing and research.

Self discipline is something I have struggled with my entire life, and the past few years of wanting to self comfort has found me eating way of the diet that my body needs.  I have gotten to a point where it is self harming to behave this way.

Last night while doing an offering for Frey, I realized I did not know Him that wall and I could use His energy in my life right now, Vitality, Sacrifice and Courage.

I am being Called, I must answer this Call.



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