The New Moon, and the changing of the tides……have left me in a place of Devotion.   I have been struggling with some physical issues for a while and NOW is the time to face them head on.

Devotion to myself.   I have mostly in my life left myself as the last one to be taken care of , the last one to be thought of, the last one….But, that MUST change now, or, as I have seen, I will leave myself behind.

The next three weeks, as I prepare to head to the East Coast Thing, I will be on a very restricted diet,exercise plan, practice, and now that the new computer has arrived, more writing and research.

Self discipline is something I have struggled with my entire life, and the past few years of wanting to self comfort has found me eating way of the diet that my body needs.  I have gotten to a point where it is self harming to behave this way.

Last night while doing an offering for Frey, I realized I did not know Him that wall and I could use His energy in my life right now, Vitality, Sacrifice and Courage.

I am being Called, I must answer this Call.



One Response to “Devotions”

  1. Heather Awen Says:

    One sneaky little trick I did so that self-care became a devotional act was to remember that I’m not much used to Freya if I haven’t taken care of myself – otherwise how can I serve her? It’s not exactly what she would want – we still are involved with the same struggle we have always had about her trying to get me to put myself and my needs before other people’s but it’s getting me there ! When you have a childhood where you don’t even know that there is a you it’s pretty hard to know what you want because for me there’s a built-in fear response – with needs it’s even worse. So I am very supportive !!!

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