A whirl wind tour……..and new ink.

So, last week was a traveling week. I headed from Maine to CT, then over to New York Fairy Festival! The weather was awesome, a bit warm for me, the Moon was huge, the bugs were minimal and the people just amazing! I worked at camping registration to pay my way, which was a blessing, so I got to welcome people as they arrived.
I was so happy to be camping. I miss, very much, my Kindred’s Gathering’s every year. I love being off grid, living off the land, hauling water and chopping wood, waking to birdsong, and falling asleep counting stars……

There was a Fire Circle on Friday night. That was interesting. It was a mix of very magickal people and mundanes, including alot of children….interesting indeed.

The most important part of this trip, my tattoo. It was hand done on the back of my neck. This symbol was given to my by Odin in a meditation with Diane Paxson many years ago. It was then shown to me a couple years later where it should be placed. I have been waiting for three years to have it finally put on my flesh, now it is mostly complete.

With this mark now on my flesh, I was able to remove the valknut I have been wearing tightly around my throat since my return from England, and the start of that contract. Yes, yes, He has owned my throat for years….oh there are some stories, but for another time.


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