a Magickal Dark Dream

I woke this morning weeping uncontrollably…..I know why, in my dream I was weeping the lost.

As my usual Tribal dreams go….many of my Tribe, Goths and Pagans were all gathered at a house. There was beautiful art work all over the walls, from top to bottom. The art was done by the people that were in the room. They were paintings of Enchanted places they had been and other worldly beings they had met.

There was the sense that many of the tribe was away at a Gathering….I think this was in my mind for Rites of Spring starts today and I am not going this year.

There was such a sense of loss in this dream, apparently people were just disappearing, and we assumed they were dead. There were parts of the neighborhood that were in color, where it was “safe” to walk, and the rest was black and white, and if you crossed to that part, we would “loose” you.
The colored aspect was Enchanted. The people were of all shape, sizes, and colors. They were also dressed in glittery beautiful clothes. From many places and many times. The Magick was alive and well in those glowing areas…..

We walked from the house, through the neighbor hood until we were welcome by a Beautiful Glowing King…this is my friend B. in the dream, he kisses his wife and walks over to welcome us. I start to tell the story of those we have lost and I just start to weep, I felt safe with him and I could let down my guard now that I have lead my Tribe to be in a safe place with others like us.

I “came to”, with tears and my lip quivering from the overcoming feelings of grief……

I woke, just lying there still and weeping…..how many I have lost, and the deep sense of loss. The sense of loss for those not living an Enchanted life….those left behind.


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