Spring and a Full Moon

I am up early this morning….could not sleep. The bird song and the soft ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds called for my day to begin.
I have started a new job recently, a part time, industrial kitchen job. I do so enjoy it. I have not worked outside of the home for a few years. The sense of purpose of a day as well as not having to make any decisions for hours on end is very good for my psyche and my Spirit.
So as I have written here before, my contract with Odin is about up. It was a three year contract, and that time, since I left my other half, is quickly drawing near, this week to be exact.
It was one of my most darkest times in my life, the months before our trip to England, and the time there. My Pack was put a sunder. It took me over 40 years to find my people, and when the dissolve happened I was so lost and scared. It has been over three years since that happened, and still every day I miss it. I have searched here for my Pack, a Tribe and though there are a few, the feeling of belonging is not the same. So my search continues.


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