A corner turned…..

It has been a while since my last post.   I have been a busy Woman.   To celebrate a big birthday I hosted a Feast.   I rented out a small local hall. There was food, dancing and a Skaldic Circle.  Some were in masks, some came as they were, all of us had an…..

Enchanted Evening.

I am so blessed in my life to be making new friends, and even more blessed with the old.

Though a few were prominently missing.   Ms. Aphrodite, who we lost this past year to an accidental overdose.   I always thought she would be with me for this big bday.  I met her when I was 28, and she saw me grow so much.  Hail Holly!

Mind you, not all have made the cut.  Coming onto my 50th and the upcoming end of a contract I am looking over the past three years and seeing who is keeping me stuck and no longer sees me for who I am now.    So a couple of “friends”, have been weeded from the garden.   I am feeling lighter for it.

The past three years have been very difficult, complicated and I have spent so much time alone, there was nothing I could do but to face my fears, my faults and my heart.

Another relocation.  The Winter was spent in a warm second floor room, now back to the Way Station for a  few months……


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