Changing self views

So, these past three years I have had a certain view of myself and what I thought I wanted and what I wanted to accomplish.

I have accomplished many of those things.   I am looking to what is next.

One of the things I have worked hard at these past three years was fulfilling my goal as Clergy.   I must say I have reached that goal and stand and the front lines of….now what?

How am I serving my Community?   How can I serve them best?   What is the grassroots aspect of this all?

I am feeling the urge for more of a mystical aspect to my life.  So much of it now, even though done in devotion, is caught up in the mundania of it all.   It makes it hard to “hear” and even harder to “see”.    I am here when someone has a random question or for a divination, tea, talk or some re enchanting.   I am part of the legal aspect of keeping Pagans on the up and up with the State.   Some personal goals achieved and others left behind.








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