Has it’s repercussions. Whether it is to an ideal, a God or a Lover.

My devotion to one of my Gods, Odin, lead me many years ago away from my Love. It was many weeks spent in prayer, arguments, tears and heartache before the ‘plan’, that my God offered me finally fell into place in my head and heart.

One of the hardest pieces of that plan, to allow the one I Loved above all others to move on with his life across the seas and the country to be with the one he desired. To grow and heal, away from myself and to meet his destiny. While I met mine.

This “contract”, was a fairly simple one, but also full of details, that I would not know until the moment things were presented to me.

This is not the first God I have devoted myself to. Many years ago, when my life was in a tail spin, I had torn apart families, self destructive behaviour and drug use. I gave myself to Diana, that she would certainly do greater work with my humble life more than I ever could. She proved True. I then had the backing, the push and the Love of Her while I saved myself, as to save my Daughter.

This Devotion to Diana, “Protector of Women and Children”, changed my life, gave me purpose and the feeling of being Loved and looked after changed my heart. Not only did I sober up, attend parenting classes, therapy, support groups, and other self discovering endeavours. I also volunteered for the local Domestic Violence project and made it a priority in my life to Love and Support the other single Mothers and women in my life. It also set me on a path to find others, form community and make space for my Goddess in my life, my daughter’s life and the wider world.

So, now that my “contract”, is coming to an expiration date. What is next?

Many Gods play prominent parts in my daily life and my Heart. Freya, She has many jobs for me, I Serve my Lady. This comes in many shapes and sizes. Lovers, prophecy, letting her sit inside my head or just be a walking reminder. Frigga, she a Motherly figure, support, loves and protects me. My Devotion to her is shown through my Homemakeing and she so frowns upon gossip. Thor, came and brought me to Heathenry, his smile and stubbornness support me still.

I was called as a child to become a Priest, the problem, I was a Roman Catholic. The Gods never stopped speaking to me, I never stopped needing the Gods, seeing the Gods or offering myself to be used for the greater good of Humanity.

My Relationships with Gods and Humans I am Devoted to are somewhat the same. The Love never waivers, even though I may.


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