Do you have to be published to be a proper Pagan?

I have been wresting with this for a while….

As you see here, writing is not my strongest point of expression.   I am an Aires.            I like To Do.   Not write about doing.

I have had this conversation with a friend a few times.  So many Pagans, Heathens, Mystics have blogs, books, writings.   Does that make them “better” at this work?  Is it necessary to write to be taken as a “serious” Mystic, Spirit Worker, Priestess, Gythja, Healer, Walker Between Worlds?

Most of my adult life was spent being a single parent.  There was not much time for self reflection, there wasn’t much time for my own art or creative procedures.  Each day was a challenge to parent well,and take care of all of our needs by myself.  My acts of Spirituality was my act of revolution.  Healing generational wounds in my family and not perpetuating them took up most of my emotional time.  My dance, singing, writing, as well as my practice of Magick all were put on a shelf.    One child by choice, meant for me, many sacrifices to do it well.    My bout with full time parenting ended in August of 2007 when my daughter moved away to college and moved in with her father’s mother.

During that time, I was involved with many Pagan groups.  Activism was and is, part of my  Devotional work.  Educating and making space and time for Pagans to meet one another is a part of my work still. But back in those days, it was my only work.  In general there was no time to read, or allow myself any ecstatic practice at all.   Except every year at Rites of Spring for five days in May.

I am a doer.   I volunteer a lot.  I am currently President of the Pagan Clergy Assoc here in Maine, I visit the local prison twice a month with Heathens.   I daily check in with a handful of people spiritually and emotionally lending support and guidance.  I clean homes, for myself and others as an act of Devotion.  I cook, drive people around, hold hands, clean litter boxes, shovel show, sweet sidewalks, type minutes from meetings, network with other clergy in this area, create events, Divination for people, make tea, play games and have deep conversations.  This is how I serve the Gods, The Ancestors,but most of all the Ones whom come after me, or behind me.

So, until recently there hasn’t been much time for writing. The past three year were also full of much grieving and attempting to heal, from my broken Partnership.

Now,is the time….I have come to see the value in my voice, the value of my stories.  I am turning 50 next month, I have been doing lots of self reflection, but one thing I have come to Know is that my voice is important.   Conveying this Wisdom, and Knowledge is a necessary piece of my Service.

So for me, the doing is my Great Work, In Service for me is in the act of Serving.







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