Pacific Ocean

Calls.  Episode One.

Mind you it has been calling since I was in High School  My dream as a young teenager was to drive cross country to California after high school.   As was the American Dream.

Jim Morrison lay somewhere on the road for me, as a 15 year old Wytch(though I had no idea at the time)  My call to him was strong, as Priest and Shaman.  Well many things got in the way.  There was the boyfriends, the alcohol, the rape, the cocaine, the speed, the hormones. Lot of things lead me from that dream, then life happened.

So once my daughter was grown and off to college in 2007 I was ready to abandon Maine and get my ass to the West Coast!

Then, Love happened. Love with a Priest a Mystic a Mad Scientist. I found my Pack and started on many Grande adventures.  I got to Montana,twice on my own on, on a bus.  EArned my stripes.   Lived off grid and faced many demons.  Over  three years ago, once again, I started my research and was planning a move with my Partner to the West Coast.    I was anxious to start anew.

I have lived in Maine my entire life.  As a new friend said recently, “your very cosmopolitan for a Mainer”. Yes, yes I am.  I have worked fucking hard to be.   I need/desire to live somewhere else…I know it is a life changing event for me.  I have seen it. It is coming.

I have been under O. O.  (Odin’s Orders) for the past three years.  He and I made a pact in the middle of a storm in a tent on the edge of the North Sea three years ago.

So a change of Orders looks to be in the works.


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