Mystery Hill

Yesterday I was kidnapped for a whirl wind wytch adventure with my dear friend Ann.

To Mystery Hill we headed, American Stonehenge.

I have been there before and found some of it amazing.  I have also recently studied a bit on North American Monoliths.   I had  no idea how many were found here in America until recently.

When I was a child I would wander through the woods of Windham, Maine.   I met many ancient inhabitants.  Most of them in the form of Spirits that looked like Native Americans to me, but not all.

I crawled into the Oracles Cave….and she was there.  I felt her hand on my shoulder asking me to turn around.  We spoke for a moment…..I realized I did not understand all she told me.  As I sat and thought I noticed a leaf on the ground. “take it, it will help you remember”.   I took the oak leaf and placed it in my bra.   Tomorrow evening I will spend some time after a Rite to listen again.

There are many changes on the way, and already beginning.




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