making magick

on the dance floor.

So I am a Wytch, and also a bit of a ‘psychic vampire’. Now mind you, I do not use the energy for myself but for Humanity.

My usual night at the local Goth club finds me surrounded by energy, dark and powerful, light and love.  What does this Wytch do with it?  She gathers it and sends it off around the world for all of Humanity.

Some goes to those there, to the ones the ones they love. It reaches back to their Ancestors and forward to the ones whom come after.  It is a resource not to be squandered or ignored.   I swirl with it, dance with it, then direct it.  I connect us with dance floors around the world. From the Atlantic to the pacific.  From Portland to Budapest, from here, to nowhere.   Why waste it, why not  use the energies “dropped” on the dance floor.

This Wytch, and Volva does not waste, one drop and….sends it to saving the Humans.

Blessings of Ecstatic Dance.


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