Warm Winds


Up here in the Great State of Maine, we have been having a heat wave of sorts.  As I look out my window this morning, it is raining, foggy and 43 degrees out.  It is warmer here today, than it will be on the West Coast.    This is VERY unusual weather for Maine.  We have had no snow here in the Portland area at all this Season, we have only had a few mornings where frost covered the wind-shields and the trees have actually started to bud.

How confusing it must be for them, it is for us.   Myself, I enjoy the Traditions and preparing for Yule, it is odd for sure that I am preparing in September like weather.

Blessing?  Well, it is for the heating bill that is for certain, for the vehicles and the walkers.  But it is also a blessing for the ticks, (carrying Lyme disease).  The trees are confused, they have begun to bud, and I am concerned how this will affect them when everything freezes again.

Global weather changes and the effects of chem trails, this has my heart saddened and worried.

So today, at least I don’t have to shovel snow, navigate on slippery side walks or over pay for oil.  Think I will take a walk by the Ocean.


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