Know Thyself

I have had many conversations with people this past week, about mindfulness and ego.

I was a person who believed I was “nice”, and did things to make people happy.   What my former partner showed me, that my idea of “helping”, came from a place of ego.  That is I really wanted to help, t or assist in some way that I should ask what that might be.  Not to just assume I know what the other person wants.  This came out of my parenting, and yes helping a child is much different than helping an adult.  I had only lived with my child, not another adult, so that took a while for me to figure out.

As a Magician, it is crucial that I know myself, conscious and subconscious (as well as one can) minds.   I used to say, “well I have a very powerful subconscious”, over time I came to realize that all I was doing was ignoring my internal dialogue and then some “thing”, would happen, by my hand, and I would then come to realize my true emotion.

Today, I work at knowing my mind first!    Mind you this is a very complicated thing at times.  First, you must have time for yourself.  To sit, and listen to the conversations in your head, not only to run from them, or fix them, but to truly listen.   Then you have to figure out what voices you are hearing.  Is it you?   Your Mother?   Society?  Peers?  What is your true voice in this array  of voices.

Then decisions can be made, and ideas formed with one’s Higher Self.

Removal of Ego in order to observe, in order to take right action.


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