A time for the Dead

Blessed Winternights to all!

Today, I am honoring the Ancestors of Blood, Spirit and Place, at the local park, Deering Oaks.   It is dark and drizzly day here in the Port City.   Most of the leaves have gone from the trees, and the first bits of frost have already appeared on the grass.

Halloween/Samhain/WinterNights is always a complicated day for me.   Many years ago, 28 now.  I was married on this day. Mind you, it was long before I knew I was a witch.  My young husband and I were married in a small town here in Maine, and our daughter was conceived on our first anniversary.   (She is a very old soul)  Bubba, he shall be known as here forward, passed away 14 years ago, by his own hand.   We had been long divorced, but I still loved him.   He was remarried and our daughter lived with him and his wife.   At the time of his death they had split up and he was heading that morning to his divorce hearing, but he never made it.

This year I also lost a Spirit Sister, Holly.   She was just a Joy and Spitfire!!!!

So for me, the Holy Day is complicated, on top of Priestess, Gythja duties, I have my own personal grieving, heart ache and memories.

I had good friends take care of me on Friday Night, and yesterday was spent with friends and trick or treaters.

This afternoon, a Rite for the Ancestors,

Tomorrow….beginning another chapter.


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