A window perch amongst the trees…..

The Temple has moved, again.   This time, by choice, this time into the City!  I am sitting here staring at trees and blue sky, just on the other side of my desk.  Feeling, calm, safe and ready for what is next.

Woden, well, he and I, have been having some interesting conversations.  It seems he has sent me a few things, as He does, gifts that have come with Pleasure, Joy, and Depth.  Of course, scary things as well.    It also requires from me, discipline.

Discipline and I, well I should specify, Self Discipline and I have never been very acquainted.   Most of my life, I have had external guide posts, walls. Whether it was my parents, my boyfriend, my husband, my child, culture, body, mental health…there was always some kind of external discipline.   I strive now for internal discipline.

My ‘cell’, is large enough for me and everything I need to accomplish this.

Now, it will take Me.


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