So, usually once or twice a month on Mondays I go to the local prison as a volunteer to meet with the Heathen group there. So I have been doing this for over a year, and today,h, surprise!!!!  Now there is a metal detector to pass through and have my things got through scanner.  Now grant you, I am sure most Jails/Prisons have already had this in effect for quite a while, but today was the first time I had to deal with it here.    I am used to these things from flying, but for me it causes me even more anxiety than already being locked behind iron doors.    There were three new people in the group today, I think I set a good tone for the group, and we Celebrated Harvest Home today, so a good day to start new.

I also went to get some fresh goat’s milk!  and can’t wait to turn it into yogurt!

With all that is going on in the Universe, it is the small moments to hold onto, the dragon fly, the stars through my window, the brush of an unseen hand against my cheek…..


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