Water and Fire

I stood in the shower the other day, we got a new water heater, so it was awesome, and thought back a year.  A year ago, I was just settling into Stone Porch.   I had been multi homed for well over a year when I finally had my own room again!   I thought that it would be a long term thing, that was my plan.  But alas, by the time Feb rolled around, people had tried to break into my room and I was being bullied out of my home…..That is how I landed here, at the Way Station.

During this time I have been able to rest, heal and grieve. All things I could not do while I was ‘multi-homed’.  I also developed a awesome relationship with a long lost Sistah!   I also worked while I was here, assisting the family in clearing out the basement and packing away memories….

Last night, once again, we sat around the fire, under the Milky Way…..Fires here have been such a Blessing!   I have desired for decades a place to make a fire as I wish!  and my wish granted!   Burning away the old, the excess those things no longer serving me.

Though I have gotten my next set of O. O.  (Odin’s Orders), and will be moving on to help take care of a home in the big city of Portland, Maine.  I will still return as much as possible to burn.


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